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Apply Now To Save The Himalayas: This Organization Invites You To Be A Field Researcher

The Himalayan Eco System has been on the wane – for a while now. Climate change, habitat loss and the development of infrastructure is taking a toll on what was once Himalayas’ most pristine snowcaps. This affects the Himalayan biodiversity, slowly but steadily. Endangered plant and animal species, like the Himalaya’s very own Snow Leopard, face an alarming threat – unless we act soon. Fortunately, the Government of India has launched an initiative to secure the biodiversity of the Great Himalayas.

SECURE - Securing Livelihoods, Conservation, Sustainable Use and Restoration of High Range Himalayan Ecosystems – is a project undertaken by the Government of India in ties with the United Nation Development Programme and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. With this project, the government aims to ensure conservation of locally and globally significant biodiversity, land and forest resources in the high Himalayan ecosystem, while enhancing the lives and livelihoods of local communities. The SECURE Project will further communication networks and help reduce wildlife crime – it will prove to be one of the strongest and most important conservation projects carried out for the Himalayan ranges. This project was started in 2017 and will continue till 2023, meanwhile – here is how you can spend your summer saving the Himalayas by being a part of SECURE.

Dusty Foot, a production company that works with wildlife filmmakers, is inviting people to join a team of field researches who will work for the SECURE project. You can apply if you’re a 2nd year Undergraduation student or older, or even if you are an independent researcher. As a field researcher, you will also be required to carry out data feeding and writing – in the High Range Himalayas among the local communities. This research Project with Dusty Foot will be for two months, May and June, at the end of which, all the participants will be awarded a certificate for their work. Logistical expenses for the project, the likes of which will include trekking through many difficult areas, will be borne by Dusty Footprint. As a participant, this project will require you to meet certain parameters: a basic level of fitness, an ability to adapt to extreme temperatures and a fluency in Hindi and English. However, it is a strong passion for the wildlife, the perseverance to face challenges, the curiosity to learn that stand as the most important elements of requirement for this project. This summer, sign up for this project and do your bit in saving the Himalayas!

Email Dusty Footprint at the following address to apply: [email protected]

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