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Arundhati Roy’s New Book ‘My Seditious Heart’ Explores The Political Landscapes Of India

Born in Kerala in 1960, Arundhati Roy studied architecture at Delhi and has stated in past interviews that it plays an integral part in her structure of story-telling. Her mother was a women’s rights activist from Kerala who fought to ensure equal rights for Syrian Christian women with their male siblings in their ownership of ancestral properties. Her father was a tea-planting manager from Calcutta. They divorced when Roy was 2 years old. In the past few decades, Arundhati Roy has become a prolific activist and supported multiple important and necessary human rights causes.

Roy’s name sparks conversation. A Man-Booker winner in fiction in 1997 for The God of Small Things she became an incredibly controversial yet important name in Indian literary history. Her fictional writing delves into the folds of emotional texture and human relationships. Her non-fiction and acutely political writing such as “The Algebra of Infinite Justice” and “An Ordinary Person’s Guide to Empire” are critically acclaimed texts now included in her new collection.

Roy’s new book is set to hit desks by 6th June 2019, titled ‘MY SEDITIOUS HEART’, is a collection of works spanning two decades where Roy is whole-heartedly dedicated to opening up spaces for justice, human rights, and basic freedoms.

A wholly non-fiction work containing a thousand pages it explores Roy’s life, ambition, and journey as a coveted author and fiercely vocal and dynamic citizen of India. The book begins with the pilot essay “The End of Imagination” and ends with “My Seditious Heart”

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