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This Sprawling Homestay In Wada Is Perfect For A Nature's Retreat This Summer

The perfect respite, often times, is in nature. An afternoon under the cool of a brick canopy or an evening by a camp fire’s cackle – nature has its own ways of making you stop, take a breath and relax. ‘The Brick House’ in Wada, a couple hours’ drive from Mumbai, is a perfect breather from the city life. A sprawling structure of open spaces, the Brick house brings home the feeling of being one with nature.

As Prashant tells Homegrown, the evolution of spaces was the most difficult aspect of the design. Each individual space had to juxtapose perfectly to the next – each space needed to flow into the next seamlessly. After hours of mulling over the design and putting new ideas into place, the team closed on a final design: a unified amalgamation of stone and brick, dictated by as much open space and natural light as possible.

Designed by Prashant Dupare and his partners at iStudio Architecture, this sprawling home stay was built with a vision of creating a home that gives way to a simple life in an idyllic village. Inspired by the ordinary yet beautiful brick houses of a village, Prashant and his team decided to experiment with exposed brickwork and local materials. The Brick House was built on an honest design – wherein every local material was brought in for its individual beauty, texture and play. The team made sure to have every nook and corner stand out.

The central courtyard at The Brick House, A Homestay in Wada Near Mumbai
Central Courtyard of The Brick House

It’s obvious that The Brick House is a beautiful tribute to nature. As Prashant brings up, nature was at the core of the design process. The open and semi-open spaces of the house have been built such that the house always stays connected to its surroundings. Perhaps you’ll only know when you stay at The Brick House, but every part of the house has been built to suit the climatology, so that you can experience nature in its rawest form.

Poolside At The Brick House

The Brick House invites you in with a wide courtyard boasting of a small pond, from wherein you can make your way up the stone staircase to the terrace. On the terrace, enjoy a view of the hills – and the sun dipping between them in the evening. A clear sky lets you stargaze at night, with none of the city’s noise to take away from it. With a living room that overlooks the swimming pool and bedrooms allowing a 10-person occupancy, The Brick House offers a sweet deal for a quick weekend getaway.

Check out the award-winning space here!

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