The Story Of A Craft Village in Uttarakhand

The Story Of A Craft Village in Uttarakhand

Financial independence of women in rural areas who have no prior educational qualifications can be hard to gain. Kartavya Karma is a leading NGO working in Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh and across various cities in India. Striving towards the empowerment of women with the introduction of Crafteprenuership Programs, Aipan Art training, and fabric jewellery making, Kartavya Karma aims to reform society step by step.

Aipan art is an auspicious art form made out of two crucial elements, white rice, and natural red clay. From bright textured foldable pen stands to scintillating handmade fabric jewellery and bookmarks, all made by women, are extremely beautiful homegrown handcrafted objects that you could buy.

Since their inception in 2013, Kartavya Karma has launched several developmental and community organised programs and events in more than 5 villages and 10 city slums.

According to their website, Kartavya Karma strives for, “sustainable development through primary health care, Adult Literacy including legal literacy, diversified agriculture, gender empowerment, and community participation.” Their central philosophy is of shared humanity, to “to spread the philosophy of shared humanity where people readily share their economic and intellectual wealth the less privileged ones. This way we create a world where we all have equal opportunities to fight against the odds and share the burdens brought forth by centuries of exploitation and neglect.”

One of Kartavya Karma’s central objectives is practicing technical development by utilizing local resources. Gaurav Agarwal, founder of Kartavya Karma, told Homegrown “Kartavya Karma has envisaged five wings, including the different methods of making handicrafts such as handicrafts knitted by hand, Agro Products, cosmetics, and Scented incense and candles.” All products made from local methods and raw materials.

The term ‘Kartavya Karma’ represents duty and an active shift is being driven by this particular NGO with their multifaceted programs for women and cultural awareness by fostering the local arts. Gaurav also told homegrown that the lives of women they have impacted changed the way they see themselves after being empowered with these skills. Most of these women lacked confidence. But today the picture has changed. They have overflowed with confidence. Let them know that they are the basis of this art and have their own distinct identity.”

Kartavya Karma is continuously working to change more lives in rural and vulnerable communities and is also actively participating in the eradication of gender discrimination and child labor.

You can find them on Facebook as well as on their website here.

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