Exhibit A Is A Powerful Photo Exhibition Chronicling The Stark Realities Of Life In Kashmir

Exhibit A Is A Powerful Photo Exhibition Chronicling The Stark Realities Of Life In Kashmir

The word ‘Exhibit A’ refers to someone or something that is presented as primary evidence regarding a matter of concern and today, the State of Kashmir and the people whose voices continue to be unheard are the most important concern that is on our collective minds. The series of photographs called Exhibit A by the renowned photographer Avani Rai visually documents the life in Kashmir that continues to silently live everyday. Rather than the politics of the Kashmir conflict, this series of photographs has to do with the pain of the people whose voices have been taken away and live a life torn between borders and uncertain future.

Avani Rai who has been capturing the daily life in Kashmir since 2016, is exhibiting this series of photographs at The Method art space in Kala Ghoda starting from August 15. According to her, amid the daily cycle of strife in the valley where the competition of narratives between India and Pakistan, the stories of the pain and anguish of the people of Kashmir is conveniently glossed over. Especially, the women and children experience trauma in a way that cannot be justified. The voices that are often heard are from Srinagar, because that is where the journalists and media are located. The rest of Kashmir - whether it is Uri in the North or Pulwama in the South— has long been off our collective radar. The only voices coming out of the interiors today are on pen drives, snuck out with utmost caution. She went onto say, “As we celebrate the 73rd anniversary of India’s independence, Exhibit A has a single argument on behalf of the Kashmiri people — Let them speak.”

Hosted by The Method, the exhibition opened on August 15th and is open till August 24th and would be on view from 11AM – 8PM. You can find more information about the exhibition on The Method’s Facebook and website. Check out more of Avani Rai’s incredible works on her instagram.

All featured images courtesy of Avani Rai

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