EcoRight - Doing The Needful For The Environment, One Bag At A Time

Credit - EcoRight
Credit - EcoRight

Plastic if anything, has always been used ubiquitously. It has now manifested itself to become one of the most high-profiled concerns with regard to not only the environment – but the oceans, too. Since the plastic ban, plastic has infamously made a sneaky comeback into the environment. With a view to terminate the single- use of polythene, Ahmedabad’s Udit Sood and Nikita Sood are brain child behind their invention, EcoRight. EcoRight is a newly emerging start up that prioritises the need to save our planet from the proliferation of plastic. Their products comprise of sustainable, eco-friendly bags that are sustainable and stylish. Their main mission being centred around educating the masses with regard to the hazardous consequences that emerge through the use of plastic and providing them with natural alternatives. Having partnered and being featured on major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart and also licensing itself to be a part of Disney and Marvel – EcoRight is a great step to save our planet.

What does EcoRight stand for? What are its primary goals and objectives?

EcoRight is a young startup committed to saving our planet from the abuse of plastic. Our product line includes eco-friendly bags that are stylish yet sustainable. Our mission is to educate people about the ill effects of plastic and in doing so, provide them with sustainable, natural alternatives. In the two years of our existence, we have grown to be on all the major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart and acquired licensing from Disney and Marvel to make reusable bags mainstream and encourage people to ditch plastic bags. EcoRight is the brainchild of Udit Sood and Nikita Sood, IIM-C alumni.

Tell us about the ongoing projects at EcoRight.

We are currently fulfilling 9 of the 17 sustainable development goals. We’ve forayed into unique fabrics like Juton (a blend of jute+cotton) and are on our way to working with PET. EcoRight supports a waste-free lifestyle and slow-fashion by offering products that last a lifetime! The packaging that goes out of EcoRight is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

EcoRight supports a waste-free lifestyle and slow-fashion by offering products that last a lifetime.

What is the impact that EcoRight has over the environment and why is it important to drive awareness and support it?

We are offering people interesting products to go eco-friendly in a fun way. We’ve acquired licensing from Disney and Marvel to encourage people to quit plastic bags and use reusable bags. We have employed women from marginalised communities around around premises and offer them fair wages, a safe working environment, and clean water and sanitation facilities. We are a SEDEX 4 pillar audited company.

How do we activate and impel communities to join hands towards this environmental cause and create incremental, yet real change at an individual level?

Change isn’t impactful until and unless it is done at a mass level. We would love if you can introduce people to our quirky, fun and eco-friendly bags and encourage them to quit plastic bags.

Be sure to check out EcoRight’s bags and do your bit for the environment, here!

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