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Apply Now : A Multi-City UNESCO Event On The Futures Of Learning Through Alternative Spaces

The idea of alternative schools have always struck an immediate chord of interest, seeming so much more open and accepting of individuality, strengths and flaws included, and worked upon in tandem. With the world is facing a unique convergence of environmental, economic and social crises, we can’t rely on traditional education systems for they were not designed to teach us how to break boundaries and collaborate. While we understand that education alone cannot achieve a more sustainable future; however, learning systems represents the most powerful, systemic and massive lever to transform societies.

UNESCO New Delhi along with Maker’s Asylum are conducting a series of events to foster the conversation around ‘The Futures Of Learning Through Alternative Spaces’. This collective conversation aims to bring together alternative learning spaces and communities that exist in forms of residencies, innovation hubs, art collectives, galleries, incubators and more & essentially talk about the learnings that they provide, especially when it comes to collective intelligence and collaborative approach to problem solving. The idea is to set the context and give insights on the global initiatives taken and the evolving nature of learning. The attendees will also participate in a playful research which aims to broaden the scope of the subject by including everyone’s views and opinions.

If you’re interested in attending this free event, check out the google form here to RSVP.

Maker's Asylum

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