Awakening - A Queer Themed Exhibition In Delhi On The Narrative Of Sexual Identity

Awakening - A Queer Themed Exhibition In Delhi On The Narrative Of Sexual Identity
(L - Declaration Of Empathy By Sandeep Tk ; R - InsideOut Delhi)

InsideOut Delhi, a non-profit volunteer LGBTQ+ group in association with the Naz Foundation and the Lalit Suri Hospitality Group has organised an art competition cum exhibition with two very clear objectives - to educate broader society about the experience of being LGBTQ+ in India, and to expose selected LGBTQ+ artists to a wider audience of buyers, galleries and agents. This is India’s first national LGBTQ art exhibition.

The 2018 theme “Refracted Lives” asked LGBTQ+ artists to address how their lives were affected in response to societal forces such as religion, family, or the law. The theme this year, “Awakening,” is a bolder one. It implies the coming out of individuals who claim a queer identity for themselves, signifying an increase in confidence and optimism on their journey of self-reflection. It can be liberating and joyous, confusing and painful. It may mark the most significant moment in someone’s life, changing their perspective on identity, relationships, values and the future. Waking from sleep, rousing from indifference, or growing to recognise the world around us, awakening may last only minutes, yet permanently transform our lives. Artists participating in this competition explore the concept of “awakening” from their own experience of being LGBTQ in India.

If you are in Delhi and later in Kolkata, take some time off and go check out this fabulous art exhibition by the LGBTQ community, filled with QUEER art and goodness. This is being held at the amazing art gallery called Art Junction in both Delhi and Kolkata.

LGBT artists such as Amir Rabbani from Muzaffarpur, Bihar, who have really worked against the odds to be who they are, says the competition is a significant outlet. “Coming from a Muslim background,” Rabbani says, “I restricted myself, to not show my paintings to my art teachers or classmates. When I heard about the InsideOut Project, I felt it was a great platform to show my true inner self which was till now firmly in my closet”.

The Lalit Group has been patrons of the arts for decades, especially Indian art and performance art, as is evident in each and every one of their hotels. With the exhibitions organised by the group, they have ventured into a space where they could be looked upon as proud supporters and patrons of QUEER art and artists.

Venue : Art Junction, 3rd Floor

The Lalit New Delhi, Barakhamba Avenue,

Connaught Place, New Delhi: 110001

Dates: 25th November - 7th December, 2019

Monday - Saturday

Timing: 11am - 7pm

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