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Mumbai-Based Rapper's Debut Single, Krantinaari, Is A Collective Outcry Against Patriarchy

Talking to Homegrown about her recent debut single, ‘Krantinaari’, Mumbai-based rapper Ashwini Hiremath says, “I want my rap to represent the struggles of women all over the world.” The song, Krantinaari, is a collective outcry against patriarchy, which has dominated the mainstream cultural discourse since aeons. The fact that every woman, irrespective of her social and economic stature, has grappled with the incapacitating effects of patriarchy in one form or the other, is something that the track reflects.

Rap, as a genre at the intersection of prose, poetry and songs, is verbose in nature, and revs itself up through a rhythmical momentum when delivered over a beat with quick speech. Ashwini had been introduced to hip hop (rap) music since college, and feels that “Rap gives you the freedom to talk as much as you want.” It is one of the reasons why she chose this genre to communicate her angst to the audience. No other medium, she feels, could accommodate such linguistic flexibility/eloquence. The track was born out of the detailed observations in Ashwini’s daily life. It aims at motivating and bringing all women together to put up a strong front against patriarchy. ‘Krantinaari’ is not just a song, but also a documentation of a woman’s life in contemporary times. The moot point of contention in the track is the rapper’s disillusionment with a world where we have forgone our humanitarian ideals, but are waxing eloquent about our travails to venture into outer space. This shows that there is a huge gap in our cultural discourses regarding the reality in which we live, and that is the gap Krantinaari has tried to address in her song of protest.

Produced by RaaKshaS aks Abhishek Shindolkar ( Music Producer at Swadesi), and mixed and mastered by Joshua Fernandes ( Mix Engineer at Swadesi), the track has Shilpa Gulhane’s beautiful vocals lacing through Krantinaari’s spitting bars, which makes it both melodious and hard-hitting. The artwork for the music video has been done by Boomerang Studio. The animation has been done by Shreshth Vyas.

The debut single was released on 21 May, 2020.

Krantinaari is a multidisciplinary, female-centric artist. Her stories circle around self experiences as a woman in society through music and art. She a believer of a sustainable lifestyle and has self-published a book called ‘Earth’ that is all about sustainability. Her debut song ‘Krantinaari’ has been performed at several places with Base Foundation Roots, 10,000 Lions as well as in the form of a special appearance with Sarathy Korwar.

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