The Best Of Nature: 7 Homegrown Organic Skincare Brands

The Best Of Nature: 7 Homegrown Organic Skincare Brands
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Amongst various aspects of our lives that we have had to question during the Coronavirus quarantine situation, there is skincare. ‘Should I drink more water?’, ‘How do I get rid of this pesky pimple?’ and ‘What even is combination skin?’, are just a few of the questions we catch ourselves asking.

There are umpteen methods and products out there that can rid us of unpleasant experiences with our skin and as eager as we are to try them all, we must be mindful of just what we are choosing to treat ourselves with. With an abundance of products that can possibly do more harm than good, consumption of all-natural and chemical-free products are the answer to our skin’s cries. There is probably not much that can compare to the goodness of natural ingredients. Careful harvesting and selection of these substances and inclusion in your daily skincare routine is not only beneficial for you, but the planet also! The practice supports local produce and discourages animal cruelty as well as industrial production of chemicals.

What’s not to love?

For you to be able to pamper your skin, we have put together an all-natural, organic and plant-based skincare menu. The following brands stand to direct the face of skincare and beauty toward a more sustainable and ethical path.

What began as an epiphany over all-natural hair gel, is now a full-fledged company that introduces all vegan, cruelty-free products created with pure, plant-powered extracts. Their ingredients are sourced organically from around the globe, including farms in India. Their favourite ingredient, flaxseed, is sourced from Andhra Pradesh.

Arata products span across skincare, haircare, and oral care. Shampoos, toothpaste, face washes, hair creams, serums... their list is bottomless. The Hempacado Oil, a cold-pressed hemp seed and avocado oil is a product to watch out for.

With a minimalistic design, the products’ packaging also aims at minimising plastic waste. With no signs of single-use plastic, all their containers are made from plastic-waste from the ocean and landfills.

Made in small batches with all-natural and organic ingredients, Glass Skincare offers jarred goodness in the form of body scrubs, balms, and so much more. With a familiar feeling incited by ingredients such as coconut, rose, and citrus fruits, they manage to entice us into treating ourselves to pure nourishment. Something about Glass Skincare truly radiates love and positivity, and we’re completely here for it.

Watch out for their ‘La Vie En Rosè’ cleansing balm that breaks down makeup without any harsh substances. Their ‘Nuts For Coconuts’ body scrub is just as tempting.

Following the motto ‘soil to shelf’, Juicy Chemistry is a homegrown brand that takes its ‘organic’ label very seriously. All GMO-free, their products bask in the pride of being derived from nature. A quick glance over their website will have you positively overwhelmed with their list of natural resources. Each product is dermatologically tested (not on animals) and also ECOCERT-certified.

From lip balms to bath oils, and dry shampoos to essential oils, Juicy Chemistry has a lot to offer. Their online store, luckily, eases things for customers by allowing them to shop by category, concern or ingredient.

Focusing exclusively on organics, minerals and plant-derived products, JustHerbs serves us with all our needs and wants in the most natural and ethical way possible. Not only do they ensure their products do well by you, but also that they protect the environment and do well by our nurturer. Each ingredient used maintains its original integrity as they do not alter them by subjecting them to artificial process like refining.

Apart from haircare and skincare, they also offer makeup products like lipstick, micellar water, skin tints and more. Their 6-step regime kits and saver sets provide you with a complete care package.

With a promise of ‘source to bottle’, Pahadi Local captures the goodness of nature from the Himalayas and makes it available to you in the form of little packages. They are not only committed to the source of their products but are also conscious not to strain the abundance of the Himalayas, which could affect its environment adversely.

Products such as ‘gutti ka tel’ (apricot kernel oil) have been extracted from the upper reaches of Himachal Pradesh. Rich in Vitamin A, E and C, the oil nourishes your skin from the inside out.

100 per cent vegan and animal cruelty-free, Soulflower doesn’t give us much to complain about. Not only are their products ready to tackle your skincare needs, but their haircare range holds itself responsible to cater to all your hair requirements. Their website allows you to navigate through your choices based on your skin or hair concern and provides you with your best fit.

If that wasn’t enough, Soulflower has a line of home products too, that includes, but doesn’t limit itself to candles, potpourri and puja essentials.

Organically farmed, ethically sourced, no harsh chemicals and freshly made in-house—SoulTree is like music to the ears. SoulTree believes in the Truth trifecta—Ayurvedic, organic, and ethical. They keep the idea of nurturing high on their priority list and provide various products that span across bath essentials, skincare, haircare, and travel necessities. With their suggested regimen for different purposes, it is easier than ever to pick what you need and give yourself the holistic care you deserve.

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