‘In Other Words’ By Anhad+Tanner Is A Fusion Between Indian Electronica & Western Classical Music

‘In Other Words’ By Anhad+Tanner Is A Fusion Between Indian Electronica & Western Classical Music

While experiencing a flawless emulsion of western classical and Indian music is already uncommon, witnessing two artists from converse edges of the globe bringing their sonic styles together in an effort to create synergy is a sight as rare as the blood moon. Such is the odyssey behind Anhad + Tanner’s breakout record, ‘In Other Words’, released by label, Gravity Sounds on the 14th of August, 2020. Being a fresh, pre-independence day release, the record has caught on well with fusion savants, music-hungry hippies and critics alike.

The duo’s inception dates back to Tanner Willeford and Anhad Khanna’s 2016 rendezvous brought about by their affiliation with the non-profit body, ‘Music Basti’.

The Duo’s Breakout Album: ‘In Other Words’

The cross-continental collective’s presence spans from New Delhi, India to Durham, North Carolina. Their debut album ‘In Other Words’ offers a genre-defying selection of hindustani music fused with western contemporary. The project signifies the beauty of coalescence, while holding out a mirror to display the true scope of contemporary styles in modern music. Signature features by classical vocalists, Pavithra Chari and Kamakshi Khanna, percussionist Sarthak Pahwa and gifted flutist Vibhor Mathur, endow the album its unique voice and fluid sound. A love-child born from Indian Electronica and western classical music arranged in contemporary context, the release holds gold for every creed of listeners.

Opening with the dulcet sounds of the flute-embellished single, ‘Gum’ led by vocalist Kamakshi Khanna and the realm-transcending melody, ‘Haari’ highlighted by Shadow & Light vocalist, Pavithra Chari, the album bestows upon listeners a sense of warmth like the rising sun. On the other hand, closing tracks like the nostalgia-evoking single ‘Childhood’ and deep-bass symphony ‘Asheville’ produce a dark, mellow impression upon listeners, akin to the crimson rays of the Setting sun.

The Journey

Brought to life by Anhad + Tanner’s unrelenting year-long endeavour, ‘In Other Words’ teleports listeners to a plane beyond the confines of conventional music. What began in 2016 as an unlikely alliance between two diverse artists, has today bloomed into a ground-breaking outfit producing new-age fusion and electronica music. Shared in the form of a documentary film on the duo’s social media, their journey across continents to one-another’s hometowns in search of rhythm, soul and authenticity, is truly inspiring.

Their electrifying adventure across fractal and sonic soundscapes to find the perfect blend of contemporary jazz and classical Indian, is personified by their vivid album; where mellifluous tracks, ‘Naina’, ‘Jiya II’ and ‘Coming Home’ perfectly bridge the album’s bright opening and dim closing.

Raw Live residents and Gravity Sounds’ prized act, Anhad + Tanner’s work has infused a new life into the country’s still nascent electronica scene. Teeming with potential, the two are sure to grace the scene with more music in the near future. In the meanwhile you can check out their debut album, ‘In other words’ here.

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