Short Film ‘False Promises’ Reminds You What It Is To Be Human

Short Film ‘False Promises’ Reminds You What It Is To Be Human
Abhay Raha's 'False Promises'

Humans don’t come into the world with a how-to manual on life or a guide on how to live a good one. Each of our definitions of a ‘good life’, too, are vastly different from each other. While there isn’t a fix-all for our challenges and difficulties in life, it is important to remember that we must be able to treat ourselves with kindness, forgive ourselves from time to time, and extend the love we give to others, to ourselves.

Abhay Raha’s short film False Promises is a reminder of just this complexity of life. Showing us how different individuals cope with difficult times in their own ways, Abhay asserts the importance of self-love. He elaborates, “False Promises is a video which amalgamates visuals and poetry to convey the base expressions of humans. The film showcases five parallel stories with a varied depiction of conflict and resolution, as well as the idea of taking a pause and overcoming challenges.”

The powerful visuals of the film are accompanied by poetry that ties the lives of the five individuals together. A part of the narration that may resonate with its viewers and also manages to capture the essence of the film is — “I wonder, why no one told us that falling isn’t easy; like living, laughing and crying!”

False Promises reminds you that it is human to sink, but it is also human to be able to believe that you may not drown.

You can watch False Promises here.

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