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Upcycle Your Old Clothes With The Help Of Revogue India

In India, using and reusing things till we absolutely cannot anymore is not a new phenomenon. From our Tupperware to hand-me-downs from our elders, we love to juice its utility. Little do we realise, though, that it is a sustainable practice like no other!

Extending the life of old clothes is Revogue India, an upcycling service where you can hand in your beloved clothes that may be ever so slightly worn out, but you do not have the heart to throw them away, and receive the same garment in a new avatar.

Truly emphasising the impact of upcycling, Revogue India creates wondrous outfits anywhere from sarees, dresses, tops and more. The final product will be one that is fashionable and in with the times.

Image Courtesy: Revogue India

The way it works could not get simpler – you reach out to them, finalise a design and price quote, send across the material, and simply wait for a fresh garment to return!

Following the principles of sustainability, upcycling has recently gained traction. Services like Revogue India are a step in the much needed eco-friendly and zero waste direction.

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