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Right The Wrong: A Toolkit To Understand Laws Around Sexual Harassment In India

The trauma that follows a sexual harassment incident cannot be described in words. Many times, when one experiences sexual harassment, the shock of it overtakes one’s ability to think, leaving them in an even more helpless state.

To ensure that women are able to understand what to do in such a situation, and educate them of the certain steps to be taken to protect themselves, Jhatkaa.org in partnership with Durga India has created ‘Right The Wrong’ –– an illustrated toolkit that ‘explains laws around sexual harassment in India and makes them easy to read, understand and use’.

“We need to recognise that building collective awareness has to go hand-in-hand with holding government institutions accountable,” says Ishani from the Gender and Sexuality team at Jhatkaa.org.

Even in 2021, awareness of sexual harassment and its laws remain vague at best –– not only for victims, but also for bystanders who may be in a position to help. This toolkit is a way to sensitise all audiences to the different forms of sexual harassment, and hopefully, prevent or minimise trauma for yet another victim.

Go through this detailed, easy-to-understand and all-accessible toolkit here.   

Visit Jhatkaa.org here.

Also, visit Durga India here.

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