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Kashmir COVID-19 Aid: Help Out By Donating To These Fundraisers

The country continues to grapple with the evils of the COVID-19 pandemic –– we hear cries of help from across the subcontinent, but those that do not often receive amplification are those from Kashmir. The people from up north are in deep waters, just as the rest of India, and they too deserve the generosity of citizens we have seen going around for the past few weeks.

In order to make these voices heard, here are a couple of fundraisers you can donate to for COVID-19 relief in Kashmir –– we urge you to contribute whatever you can and help the people of Kashmir stay safe and healthy during a time that warrants the opposite.

I. Athwas Together for Kashmir Covid-19 Fundraiser II

Athwas is a group of British-Kashmiris that is giving back to Kashmir, without affiliations with a political party or external organisation. A second-edition fundraiser, Athwas Together’s initiative stems from the exponential increase in COVID-19 cases across the region.

Once procured through funds that will be raised, the equipment such as oxygen concentrators, oximeters and more will be handed to Social Reform Organisation, Ehsaas International and Kashmir Covid Response Group.

Contribute to the fundraiser here.  

II. Help Kashmir Fight Corona by Raheel Khursheed

“Remote districts of the valley are even more under-resourced as case count continues to mount,” explains the fundraiser description. Raheel Khursheed’s initiative will benefit Kashmir based non-profit organisation, Athrout, that is responding on-ground to the COVID-19 crisis. They are providing basic supplies, oxygen cylinders and more to those who need it.

The goal of the fundraiser is INR 20,00,000 and has 44 days left for completion. If you wish to donate to this fundraiser, visit here.  

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