The Beauty Of Our Bodies: Indian Artists Exploring Nudity

The Beauty Of Our Bodies: Indian Artists Exploring Nudity
(L) Raqeeb ; Rikrivu Banerjee (R)

The human form has always been a site of scrutiny. Much of the discussion here is rooted in what the physical looks like rather than what it stands for. Bodies of individuals across the globe perform the same functions and yet, the treatment to each of them based on colour, gender, sexuality and many other aspects differs vastly.

And so, when an artist chooses to explore the bodies of subjects and artfully represent them, it is no surprise that there would be significant backlash to that. Nude art, or the exploration of the nude body in any form comes with immense criticism, but for those artists looking to uncover, read, and celebrate its beauty, the art form is superior to the reaction it mostly garners.

Today, let’s look at just a few of these homegrown artists.

I. Ratyaditya

This Indian artist, in their exploration of humans through nudity, takes the audience through layers that one must pull back. Using the body as a canvas itself, we are treated to a two-fold representation of bodies as art. Each portrait weaves a narrative and is accompanied with its context in their Instagram captions, which is also perhaps what draws you into the piece of art.

We love the bold approach and the use of colour and patterns makes for a novel addition to their entire collection of art exploring nudity.

Find Ratyaditya here.

Image Courtesy: Ratyaditya

II. Raqeeb

Raqeeb remains one of our top suggestions for those willing to explore the nude art form and its nuanced realities. Each project feels as personal as the next, and allows you to feel close to the subjects. While the sentiments behind the art may be personal, it succeeds at transcending media and interacting with your emotions.

The ever-present care and sensitivity with which the art is approached is one to admire, and we appreciate the equality of thought behind each of the pieces.

Find Raqeeb here.

III. Rikrivu Banerjee

Proving that human frames are not meant solely for sensual purposes, or for an underlying motive of pleasure, Rikrivu’s work represents the female form in its most natural sense. With clear appreciation for the bodies and setting the tone around the normalcy of nudity, his art gives us a deeper perspective of the body and what it stands for.

Whether in black and white or in colour, Rikrivu’s purpose behind nude art photography shines through, and we’re here for it.

Find Rikrivu Banerjee here.

Image Courtesy: Rikrivu Banerjee

IV. Madam Stree

“Nobody is born confident. We are not taught to love our bodies,” she had said in one of our earlier conversations with her, and using it as the epicentre of her nude art, it is almost as if the work is a statement. She began clicking pictures of herself in the nude whenever she felt good about herself and began sharing it because –– why not? It still serves as a rather strong message for all those insecure about their bodies, or parts of them.

With confidence and grace present (and how!) in her work, we owe her appreciation and love for all that she has done, and continues to do.

Find Madam Stree here.

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