Graphic Designers Tapping Into Eccentric Storytelling & Mesmerising Visuals

Graphic Designers Tapping Into Eccentric Storytelling & Mesmerising Visuals

The realm of graphic design has seen an enormous progression in a short time. The versatile art medium is undeniably exciting as it gives us a new way of looking at things beyond what you might’ve previously thought possible.

And so, we want to learn how the motivations and processes in the same pool differ from artist to artist and to understand the artistic medium via those who know it best.

I. Gaurav Vikalp

A creative who experiments in the realm of illustrations, graphic design and comics, Gaurav infuses elements of Indian culture, deities and nostalgic memories onto a feed full of prismatic designs. An explosion of colours and detailed elements greets us at first glance upon skimming through the artist’s work. However, a deeper look reveals multilayered narratives and a subtle nod to important issues like identity, queer bodies and the socio-political pulse of the country.

You can feel the influence of contemporary art styles, fashion references and a cultural connection in Vikalp’s illustrations that transmit a feeling of familiarity and unique expression of its own. His work reverberates the age-old dictum that says that ‘art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable’.

View his work here.

II. Lijin

A Bangalore-based designer treating the world with luminescent hues, Lijin’s work is unapologetically colourful as it taps into people, emotions, and nature by finding an organized balance between colours and diverse mediums.

Talking about his design process, the designer emphasizes the need to express his ideas and leave a strong impression on his viewers through provocative designs and illustrations that offer an artistic interpretation of street fashion, film posters, and psychedelic animations. The bold experimentation with contrasting colours draws the viewer without seeming out of place.

Lijin strongly believes in art being limitless and aspires to break the monotony of existing colour palettes and concepts with his unique take on the design world.

View his work here.

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