Emerging Indie Musicians Using Their Art As An Outlet For Self Expression

Rushaki (L) Huyana (R)
Rushaki (L) Huyana (R)

During the past few years, the indie music scene in India has been transformed by female indie voices claiming space with their experimental introspective touch. Here are some emerging indie musicians on our radar who are using their art as an outlet for self-expression and catharsis.

I. Rushaki

Rushaki, a music producer and a singer-songwriter working out of Mumbai and Pune adopts a melancholic tone on her 10-track debut album, ‘She Speaks’. Her music, inspired by the multiple genres of music she indulged in growing up, manifests in the form of a series of introspective conversations she has with herself.

Directing her energies into her music, Rushaki gives voice to her own struggles of dealing with anxiety and mental health issues.

Find out more about Rushaki here.

She Speaks - Rushaki

II. Huyana

Varshita Ramesh, (stage name ‘Huyana’) is a singer-songwriter from Bengaluru whose love for jazz reflects in her music.

She explores human anxieties related to loneliness with her music. Her self-composed songs ‘Is It You?’ and ‘Nothing Wrong In Not Being Okay’ focus on feelings of vulnerability and hope.

Find out more about Huyana here.

Is It You? (Live Version) - Huyana

III. Temsu Clover

Temsukala Lemtur, based in Nagaland, plays under her name ‘Temsu Clover’. She stands out for her honest and expressive takes on music and the sense of security she relays by being vulnerable through her lyrics. Through her music, she addresses the dichotomy of human nature.

Her soothing voice in her singles ‘Confessions Of A Bipolar Mind’ and ‘Midnight Disco’ touch upon anxieties and stress; revealing our human tendency to mask our feelings.

Find out more about Temsu Clover here.

Midnight Disco - Temsu Clover

IV. Aranyaka Verma

Aranyaka, is a multi-faceted artist passionate about the intersection of music, technology and culture. A graduate from New York University with a master’s in Music Business, she’s currently working with Gully Gang as their general manager.

Dabbling with various styles of music, she’s on our radar for her own Hindi version of Joy Crooke’s song about mental health.

Listen to Aranyaka Verma’s song on Instagram.

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