3 Homegrown Literary Podcasts On Our Radar

3 Homegrown Literary Podcasts On Our Radar
L: The Book People ; R: The Lit Pickers

India has no dearth of cultural gems. From ancient times to now, it continues to produce art, drama, music and literature that thralls the world. With Meera Kandasamy recently being awarded by PEN Germany, it is no surprise that contemporary Indian poets and writers dominate literary conversations across the globe.

Homegrown brings to you three literary podcasts from India that would ensure you don’t have to look elsewhere for your daily dose of literary knowledge.

I. The Lit Pickers

Hosted by well-known cultural critics as well as journalists Deepanjana Paul and Supriya Nair, The Lit Pickers is a Maed in India production for stimulating conversations on all things literary. With “breakfast-table banter” that often turns into witty dissections of books and authors, The Lit Pickers will be sure to make some interesting additions to your to-be-read piles.

You can find them here

II. The Book People

Unlike most literary podcasts that focus solely on literature and its artistic merit and entertainment value, The Book People tries to dig deeper into the literary industry and delves into the more pragmatic aspect of building a career as a writer. How does one get published in India? Moreover, do you need an agent to get published? What makes a bestseller? These are some of the important questions that host Aishwarya Javalgekar explores in conversation with guests like the publicist Disha Naik and commissioning editor Sayantan Ghosh

You can find them here

III. Books and Beyond with Bound

Books and Beyond attempts to answer readers’ most burning questions about the inner lives of their favourite contemporary authors. In the past, writers like Avni Doshi, Shrayana Bhattacharya and Amitava Kumar have come on the podcast to talk about their experiences in the literary world and beyond. As such, the podcast offers an enlightening perspective on writing as a craft.

You can find them here.

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