Shayan & Sez's New Single Explores Ghosting & Post-Breakup Angst

Shayan & Sez's New Single Explores Ghosting & Post-Breakup Angst

Relationships are hard to navigate regardless of age but especially in your 20s, when everything in the world seems accessible yet so distant and confusing. You are constantly trying to figure out so many things, be it your beliefs, understanding who you are or even what career suits you as you go through jobs. Bringing the anxieties of being in a relationship in your 20s and learning to let go is ‘Parchhai’ by Mumbai-based rapper/singer and songwriter Shayan Roy and music producer, co-founder of the record label THE MVMNT and the man behind the sound of Indian hip-hop Sajeel Kapoor aka Sez on the Beat.

Talking about the track, Shayan said “Parchhai is the first track I’ve made that contains English, Hindi and Bengali lyrics. The song is about many of my relationships as a 20-something and becoming an afterthought to someone who once meant a lot to you. I think most people go through that at some point in their lives. Sometimes it hurts so bad that you can’t help but make a song about getting ghosted in three different languages.”

Adding to it, he said of his collaboration with Sez on the Beat, “Sez on the Beat is one of the finest producers in the country, and the smooth instrumentation he provided me with for this track enabled me to create a rap song that’s more melodic than anything I’ve worked on before.”

The upbeat pop-infused hip-hop single which has Shayan singing and rapping in English, Hindi & Bengali to Sez on the Beat’s smooth and catchy instrumental is the first track that sees Shayan dabbling into multi-lingual territory with lyrics about romance and relationships. The earworm of a track is scheduled to release on all streaming platforms on October 10, 2022.

Check out Shayan here.

Check out Sez on the Beat here.

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