This Unisex Fashion Label Explores 90s Indian Pop-Culture, Technicolor Designs & Brand Nostalgia

This Unisex Fashion Label Explores 90s Indian Pop-Culture, Technicolor Designs & Brand Nostalgia

Being an iconic concoction of bright colours, vivid pop-art & nostalgic brand iconography grants the Param Sahib label a distinct edge over competitors. The brainchild of fashion impresario, tastemaker & swanky sardar, Param Sahib, this quirky label is anything but a minimalist venture. The PS label is characterized by its peculiar play on print, colour & bold styles. Most of their collections observe a juxtaposition of inventive embroidery and perky patchwork over the technicolour fabric. Sported by a score of celebrities, Sahib’s label is driving the hottest trends in modern menswear.

The 90s Kid Collection

The 90s drop by Param’s eponymous label is a kaleidoscope of flamboyant prints, retro themes & bold fashion fleshed into an intricate mixture of style. This drop seeks to revive 90s fashion by celebrating key styles and pop-culture influences from the era. It casts light on classic vintage vogue, now lost in a sea of basic, monotonous and symmetric silhouettes. Most of the Gen-Z fashion follows a uniform code of design, seldom wandering beyond the parameters of the same straight-fitting, plain-looking fits. This rebellious drop by Param’s label however, is ushering a renaissance in the realm of menswear.

The ‘90s kid’ shirts serve as a mirror to the bygone era of classic fashion, highlighted by baggy trousers, jazzy-shirts, psychedelic tops and an overall laid-back aesthetic that it comes with. Each shirt carries a signature statement engineered to fit the tone, fancy and vibe of various individuals. Synonymous to the thrill of opening a tiffin box full of goodness as children, this CAPSULE range of unisex shirts proffers upon one, the glee of unlocking a jar of treasured memories. This artsy collation of avant-garde designs is engineered to make millennials skip a beat in awe of the rich culture and environment most 90s kids grew up amidst.

Source - PARAMSahib (parambanana)

Inspiration, motto & significance behind the 90s drop

The collection draws direction from vintage artwork and the most sensational brands the 90s witnessed. The drop enables users to re-connect with the warm and fuzzy moments their childhood oversaw. It aims to resurrect extinct brands from 2-3 decades ago and recast them into a wearable sensation for millennials. The label aims to celebrate every brand that gained cult status and widespread following in the 90s. This drop is a chirpy chest of goodness that brings back the brightest memories from one’s youth, melting their heart & brushing their memory.

Notable shirts from the collection

Some of this drop’s notable pieces include the sensational ‘Mango Bite’ & ‘Parle G’ print shirts. The former collection features the homegrown candy’s logo, typography, and green wrapper print overlapping one-other in a tasteful design, while the latter features biscuit images interspersed with packet prints and authentic Parle-G typography. Other notable pieces from the 90s kid collection constitute the emerald blue Shaktiman-print shirt, an ode to India’s first superhero. The red & green Coca-Cola shirt, an insignia of the ‘MTV & Coca-Cola’ era, a precursor of Netflixing & chilling. The stationery shirt, phantom cigarette, Frooty & Candy Crush shirts have also managed to churn up a conversation surrounding their foray into modern vogue.

Word from the creator

A humble creator by nature, label-founder Param shares his outlook on the sea of diversity modern fashion has become & how he intends on setting ripples in the same. “Colours are not just fashion, they’re a lifestyle”, quotes Param. “We wanted to create a collection where the shirts were more than just outfits, a window to your childhood & all its golden memories. Each shirt signifies distinct individuals & their distinct stories growing up,” he continues.

Priced at a modicum of what luxury brands would charge, these 3500/- a piece costing shirts are truly a steal considering the intricate embroidery, patchwork, design and thought that goes into creating them. The 90s kid drop by Param Sahib label is truly a movement towards recognizing & promoting India’s pop-culture heritage, a step towards giving modern fashion a quirky facial, the homegrown way.

You can checkout the entire collection here.

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