A Karnataka Man Has Invented The World's Cheapest Water Filter Which Costs Just Rs. 30

A Karnataka Man Has Invented The World's Cheapest Water Filter Which Costs Just Rs. 30

Did you know that India has 16 per cent of the world’s population yet only 4 per cent of the world’s freshwater? This means that a whole lot of people never get access to clean and hygienic water – something that is essential to healthy living.

Solving at least part of the problem is Niranjan Karagi of Karnataka who has designed the world’s cheapest, sustainable water purifier alternative.

The budding genius has developed a pocket-sized purifier called ‘NirNal’ that provides cheap, safe, and clean drinking water for just INR 20. For Niranajn Karagi, an engineer from Belgaum, the inspiration to create stemmed from necessity as he noticed school children consuming tap water. It made him wonder if he could do something about the situation.

While water is obviusly regarded as a vital resource, the availibility of safe drinking water still stands to be a privileged commodity to many in our country. Simply blending the fervour to create and selfless service to the community, Niranjan ended up inventing the world’s cheapest water filter which clears out 70 per cent impurities from the water. Observers mention that the water is much clearer when the filter is used and the change is easily visible.

Karagi kept the design of NirNal simple. He used activated carbon, cotton, netted mesh, and a secret component.

The pocket-sized contraption fits most regular PET bottles, said Karagi adding that each NirNal filter has a capacity of purifying about 300 litres of contaminated water. It removes bacteria up to 99.9 per cent, reports Kalinga TV.

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