A New Book Unravels The Future Of Equitable & Sustainable Indian Cityscapes

Liveable Cities for the Future
Liveable Cities for the Future The Décor Journal India

In an era marked by unprecedented urbanization and environmental challenges, the recently unveiled compendium, Liveable Cities for the Future, emerges as a beacon of transformative thinking in the realm of urban sustainability and design. Co-authored by Dikshu C. Kukreja, the Managing Principal at CP Kukreja Architects, one of the world’s largest architecture and urban design firms with offices in India, Vietnam, Japan and the USA along with the visionary Dr. Geeta Mehta, Founder of Asia Initiatives and Adjunct Professor at GSAPP, Columbia University, USA, this collection of essays presents a resounding call to action for creating liveable and resilient cities.

This compendium, a coalescence of scholarly insight, introspection, and innovative perspectives, was launched at this year’s Think 20 Summit in Mysuru. Rooted in the belief that sustainable urban design transcends geographical confines, the compendium artfully brings together contributions from luminaries across cultures and disciplines. Diverse backgrounds, experiences, and areas of expertise converge in a global dialogue that seeks to dissolve the borders that often confine innovation.

Liveable Cities for the Future
Inside Architect Sanjay Puri's Energy-Efficient Sculptural House In Rajasthan

The compendium Livable Cities for the Future brings together expert opinions on critical issues that must be addressed to make our cities livable today, and into the future. These include issues of ecology and sustainability, social justice and equity, economic structures and threats, as well as gender issues that can make our cities that can enhance the productivity of our cities, and the quality of life for people from all walks of life and income categories. The authors have also presented case studies and examples that make this compendium a must read for urban professionals, bureaucrats, academics and the general public.” Sharing the gist of Livable Cities for the Future, Dr. Geeta Mehta

Dr. Geeta Mehta, sharing the gist of 'Livable Cities for the Future'

The book consists of a number of clusters, each tailored to a distinct theme. Under the Big Ideas cluster, esteemed voices like Guilherme Lassance from Rio de Janeiro, Saskia Sassen from New York, Sara Roversi from Bologna, and Tetsuo Kidokoro and Norihisa Shina from Tokyo weave a narrative of city planning and global urban challenges. Their essays are a testament to the power of collective wisdom in crafting innovative urban strategies.

Delving into the theme of Social Justice, three discerning authors - Peter J. Marcotullio from New York, Susan Blaustein from Washington, DC, and Kate Ascher from New York and London - dissect various avenues to forge a more equitable urban landscape. Their explorations resonate profoundly at a time when social equity stands at the forefront of urban discourse.

The discourse on Informal Settlements carries profound implications for communities residing in ecologically fragile terrains. Matias Echanove from Geneva and Rahul Srivastava from Mumbai, co-founders of URBZ, advocate for a participatory solution, empowering residents to collaboratively enhance their living spaces with governmental support.

The compendium's architectural soul finds expression in the Historic Perspective cluster, a contemplative journey led by Kaisa Bronen-Bauer from Finland and Nikos A. Salingaros from Texas. Their reflections, echoing across time and geography, lend a nuanced understanding of contemporary urban architectural ideologies.

Liveable Cities for the Future
How Vernacular Architecture Can Sustainably Preserve Local Identity & Cultural Heritage

In a future where cities must be envisioned through the eyes of forthcoming generations, Sushmita Shekar lends her distinctive Young Person's Perspective. Her insights crystallize the aspirations and needs that will shape the cities of tomorrow.

"The opportunity to lead an initiative with thinkers from across the globe on the future of our cities and how to make them liveable has not only been challenging but highly inspiring. I hope this compendium can become a leading light on guiding us on the way forward into a better future for our cities."

Dikshu C. Kukreja

As we hurtle toward a world where water stress, climate volatility, and socio-economic disparities loom large, the compendium's launch arrives as a clarion call for sustainable action and collaboration. Liveable Cities for the Future is not merely a book; it is a potential beacon that could guide us toward a more harmonious and liveable urban future. Its insights, born from a confluence of diverse minds, offer a blueprint for urban resilience that promises to transcend boundaries and transform cities into thriving ecosystems of human habitation.

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