A still from Abeer Khan's photoseries.
River Runs RedAbeer Khan

An Abeer Khan Photoseries Captures The Resilience & Strength Of Young Kashmiri Women

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Abeer Khan's photoseries, 'River Runs Red', captures the hopes, dreams and aspirations that ties that bind together a group of young female orphans living in the perpetual conflict zone that is Kashmir. The images in the series offer us a poignant glimpse into their lives; painting a powerful tapestry of faces and emotions amidst the melancholic beauty of Kashmir's landscapes. We caught up with the photographer to learn more about the series and their art.

Tell us about your project. 

The project River Runs Red is a photo story on the female orphans of Kashmir. Despite the somber political climate and the hardships of growing up without a family, these young women redefine life by navigating every challenge along the way. They flow, maintain friendships, and carve an identity for themselves, however remote, however momentary. 

What are some of your biggest inspirations over the years of your artistic career?

I am drawn to individuals engaged in their own healing; I find them glorious. 

Describe your creative process and the purpose with which you create. 

My creative process resembles a detective's work. It's an attempt to capture an elusive image; much like pinning down slippery mercury. 

I create with a purpose of exchange: bringing forth my confusion and chaos and in return, I find a sense of order. Exploring different levels of grief equips me with understanding along the way. At times, I contribute muted, pale inputs only to arrive at a vibrant firework of expression. 

What are some of your biggest influences as an artist? 

Shahrukh Khan's persistence and zest for life, the sensitivity and revolutionary nature of Iranian cinema, the Mumbai monsoons, and my childhood experiences — all have profoundly shaped my perspective. 

Who are some artists who are currently on your radar? 

Abu Fareed Ayaz, Bharti Kher, Nalini Malani, Sohrab Hura, Nan Goldin, and Beike Deeporter.

A project you wish you were a part of? 

Two projects; Back to the Future and About Elly.

A still from Abeer Khan's photoseries.
River Runs RedAbeer Khan

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