Areesha Khalid's Vibrant Postcards Celebrate South Asian Heritage & Diasporic Identity

Areesha Khalid's collection of postcards offers an array of options, each infused with a variety of cultural influences.
Areesha Khalid's collection of postcards offers an array of options, each infused with a variety of cultural influences.Areesha Khalid

Areesha Khalid is an architect and designer whose creative journey bridges the cultural spaces between her British-Pakistani identity. Her work reflects the nuanced fusion of Western and South Asian influences, exploring themes of cultural identity, nostalgia, and the sense of belonging. Through her illustrations, she captures the essence of both her heritage and the diasporic experience, aiming to evoke feelings of warmth and connection among those who engage with her art.

One of Khalid's notable projects is the 'Diaspora Digest' coffee table book, a culmination of her fictional magazine covers brought to life. This hardback book serves as a connoisseur's collection of homeland romanticism, offering a visual narrative of South Asian spaces and culture. Spanning two years of meticulous creation, the book is a compilation of prints from 2020 to 2023, portraying aspects of South Asian spaces that evoke nostalgia for those dispersed across the globe. With its soft touch matt laminated hardcover and 84 smooth matt Mohawk pages, the book is a tangible celebration of diasporic identity, printed and bound with love in Amsterdam.

In addition to her coffee table book, Khalid introduces a collection of A6 postcards entitled "ek pyara ka khat," meaning "a letter of love" in Urdu. These postcards serve not only as a means of communication but also as decorative items for personal spaces. They are adorned with illustrations reflecting various influences, including Islamic architecture, South Asian art, and interior design. Each postcard bears the potential for customization, allowing individuals to personalize their messages with a word or name of their choice.

For those seeking the perfect token of affection for their loved ones, Areesha Khalid's collection of postcards offers an array of options, each infused with a variety of cultural influences. From the intricate patterns of Islamic architecture to the vibrant hues of South Asian art, these postcards serve as miniature canvases of diverse inspiration. Whether celebrating Indian architecture, Pakistani heritage, or the fusion of East and West, there's a design to resonate with every recipient. The thematic range extends from nostalgic nods to Mughal grandeur to contemporary explorations of desi charm. With worldwide shipping available, these postcards are not only tokens of sentiment but also bridges connecting hearts across continents. The pre-order option for large-scale prints and postcards further ensures that Khalid's captivating creations can find their way into homes around the globe, spreading warmth and cultural appreciation far and wide.

Among Khalid's postcards is a special edition titled 'Taking care of you', inspired by a book from Mayo Clinic of the same name. This postcard, accompanied by a corresponding print, embodies the essence of empowerment and health equity for women, especially those of color. Profits from the sale of this postcard and print are directed towards purchasing copies of the book for distribution to local women's charities, symbolizing a collective effort to empower and uplift women's health and well-being.

'Taking care of you' Postcard
'Taking care of you' PostcardAreesha Khalid

Areesha Khalid intertwines personal narratives with broader cultural themes, asking viewers to reflect on their own identities and experiences within the diaspora. Through her illustrations and creations, she not only celebrates the richness of South Asian heritage but also advocates for social causes and community empowerment.

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