Attend A Theatre Production That Showcases 6 Unique Queer Narratives On Acceptance, Identity & More

Attend A Theatre Production That Showcases 6 Unique Queer Narratives On Acceptance, Identity & More

While we approach the end of yet another pride month, we look at the voices, the stories and the lives that have shaped and continue to shape the identity of a community that has for far too long lived on the fringes of society. In owning their own struggles, the journey that they have had to endure in seeking and accepting their own identity and embracing it in powerful, individualistic ways, India’s LGBTQIA community today continues to take large, powerful strides forward.

The narratives that have been under the limelight this year call for diversity, and inclusivity and pass on the baton to members of the community to narrate their own stories and take authority for their own journey while etching out promising hope for an India that eliminates the taboos and stereotypes that continue to plague its society and its people.

While brands and social media have provided an added emphasis to queer narratives, particularly this month, the onus is on them to extend this representation forward all-year long, keeping the vitality of inclusive storytelling as an essence of their functioning.

As an apt closure to this month of awareness, celebration and more, ‘Gaysi Family’, a media platform amplifying queer narratives has partnered with ‘Inqueerable’, a theatre and film troupe advocating queer rights to create a one-of-its-kind multi-media production titled ‘Short & Salty’ which is set to hit the stage on the 2nd of July, 2022.

The 90-minute performance will include six short theatrical snippets that border along queer narratives and the challenges, victories and nuances of their daily lives. The theatre pieces will lay out the realities of resilience, queer love and the search for one’s identity.

The performance which is set to take place from 5 pm to 8 pm at Pioneer Theatre in Bandra, Mumbai will be followed by a mixer and after-party. The event is being supported by two other local theatre troupes in Mumbai; ‘Five Senses Theatre’ and ‘Theatre Jil Jil Ramamani’.

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