Telangana’s Love For Male Thongs Is Just One Of India’s Sexy Secrets

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With over a 100 million people having sex everyday in India, it’s safe to say we like sex. A lot. I mean, we don’t have the second largest population in the world for nothing, but that’s a fact well cited - over cited, if I may. How’s this for a fact instead, then - Bhopal enjoys tasting condoms of every flavour. In fact, Bhopal has the highest sale of flavoured condoms in India. Or that Telangana men really enjoy wearing sexy underwear, ensuring the highest sales of men’s thongs in the nation. Where are we getting all this from, you ask? Well, welcome to the undeniably titillating vaults of That’s Personal.

One of India’s premier shopping destinations for sex toys, That’s Personal conducted an extensive survey on the trends and usage patterns of sex toys across India. Their report, named ‘India Uncovered,’ has currently been updated to their 3rd edition. Their research methodology consisted of 52 months of internal traffic and sales data, customer interaction and feedback, and qualitative and quantitative surveys as per their website.

Now for the fun part. According to this report, the top three most purchased sex toys in India currently are lubricants at 18%, vibrators or ‘intimate massagers’ are at 16%, and delay sprays at 14%. Maharashtra comes in first for being the state that has the highest sales of sex products, followed closely by Karnataka and West Bengal. In their section names ‘Regio(a)nal Diaries’ we see that West Bengal has the highest sale of edible underwear, Assam is the largest buyer of BDSM products, Punjab has the highest sale of sex products for women, and finally that Uttar Pradesh is the highest purchases of penis enlargement products.

Additionally, the most bought role play costume for women is that of a nurse (no surprises there), and the most kinky product bought are handcuffs, of course. For a full city-wise breakdown, you can read their report here.

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