Grafity’s Wall - A Coming-Of-Age Graphic Novel Set In The Chaotic City Of Mumbai

Grafity’s Wall - A Coming-Of-Age Graphic Novel Set In The Chaotic City Of Mumbai
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Grafity’s Wall, a graphic novel created through the collaborative efforts of Ram V, Anand RK, Jason Wordie, Irma Kniivila, and Aditya Bidikar tells us the story of a young artist named Grafity, who creates a mural on the last standing wall in a tenement neighbourhood that is being torn down.

This story is set in the fast and chaotic city of Mumbai, where the artist has grown up. As his neighbourhood is being brought down, he goes on to chronicle the lives of his friends and people he had known through a mural on the wall. He chronicles the lives of his friends – Jay, a young man with dreams of being a rapper lured into the dangerous path of a gangster; Chasma, a bright but awkward boy who chronicles his struggles as an outsider trying to belong to this city by writing letters to strangers and to the city itself. He also mentions a woman named Saira, who comes to Mumbai with dreams of venturing into Bollywood, but must first survive the reality in this place of gangsters, con-men, friends and lovers. This story explores the chaotic and perplexing dynamics of our teenage years, which are accompanied by a fleeting transience.

This graphic novel originally published in 2018 via the UK-based crowdfunding platform, Unbound, is receiving an expanded edition from Dark Horse Comics. The new edition will feature bonus sketchbook material not included in the previous printing. The deal with Dark Horse will bring the book to American audiences for the first time.

This graphic novel will be out on March 25th in India and releases worldwide on April 4th.

You can check out the first chapter on Comics Beat.

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