Guysexual Vol. II : How To (Not) Date An Entertainment Journalist

Guysexual Vol. II : How To (Not) Date An Entertainment Journalist
[Editor's Note: Meet our newest (and first ever) Homegrown columnist, who prefers to stay anonymous. Intrigued? You should be. Look out for a new Guysexual post every Thursday as our ever unreliable narrator talks about his escapades in dating and otherwise, proving that there really is no difference between gay and straight when it comes to love, sex and relationships, or who fits the bill when you know that things are so bad you probably won't ever see each other again.]
The Guysexual is your average guy-next-door who loves his beer and hates pigeons, talking about out-of-the-closet experiences of the third kind. He might not know the right spoon to eat his crème brulee with, or what colour shirt goes with a leather jacket, but he does know that there never really is only the One. There’s a Two, a Three and a Four, and probably more. It will work out with some of them, and sometimes it will not.Last week we met the rather endearing but bumbling Number One. Scroll on to meet number TWO, as we kick off the journey '50 First Dates' style.
A. I can pretend to rush to the washroom and never come back, vanishing into the city forever.
B. I can be upfront and tell him that I don’t think this will ever work, shake hands like grown men, probably give him a hug and part ways with a simple goodbye. No hard feelings, right?
C. I can take the slab of brownie and shove it down his throat, and then get charged with attempt to murder. Five years in the penitentiary as opposed to fifty minutes of this?

Words: Free chikoos for anyone who guesses correctly.

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