Guysexual Vol. IX: How To Feed A Part-Time Actor

Guysexual Vol. IX: How To Feed A Part-Time Actor

'The Guysexual is your average guy-next-door who loves beer and hates pigeons and talks about out-of-the-closet encounters of the third kind. He might not know the right spoon to eat crème brulee with or what colour shirt goes with a tan leather jacket, but he does know that there never really is only the One. There’s a Two, a Three and a Four, and probably more.

Ever the unreliable narrator, the Guysexual talks about his escapades in dating and otherwise – and shows that there really is no difference between gay and straight when it comes to love, sex and first dates (except, of course, the question of who picks up the cheque when you know you will never see each other again.)'

Last week we went underwear shopping with number 8, so scroll on to see what number 9 is all about. 

Words: That’s Not Our Line To Share

Artwork By: Maitri Dore

[Maitri Dore is an architect-cum-illustrator, based in Mumbai. Much of her work surrounds issues of gender and sexuality and for these she has been featured on ScoopWhoop. She also works extensively on themes of water, sanitation and ecological sustainability, and though some of her concerns are dark, her style is well-suited to children. She contributes to the Chennai based children's magazine Gokulam and hopes to write a graphic novel some day. You can view more of her work at]

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