#HGArtProject 017: Manas Kunder

#HGArtProject 017: Manas Kunder

A freelance artist from Mumbai, Manas has completed his B.F.A from Rachna Sansad College of Applied Arts and Craft. He has always been into creating different forms of art, since childhood, like cutting paper in different patterns or making silver foil toys to play with. After spending five years in advertising and design, he finally figured out that his strength lies in creating illustrations which he felt might be too weird and funky to be linked with any brand; so he created his own brand called ‘Madtrip’. This is where he puts his designs or illustrations on to various products from mugs to t-shirts. So now he strikes a balance by making personal designs under ‘Madtrip’ and freelancing as an illustrator and graphic designer to make some money on the side.

I. Which are some of your biggest inspirations over the years of your artistic career?

My biggest inspirations would be my parents and my friends. My dad paints, too, as a hobby so I’ve been seeing his drawings right from childhood. The lifestyle and character of people especially in Mumbai inspires me a lot.

II. Could you tell us more about the thought process behind the artwork you made us?

It’s a collage that I first did after I left my job and decided to work on my own.I found it ideal cause it’s my own version of homegrown art. I mounted my camera in one spot and kept illustrating on my wall. As I progressed with the illustration I kept updating it on my page so people could see the progress of the work. I love creating my own surreal world so a lot of my art is imaginative and weird. This art work has different creatures like an angel carrying boxes from a switch board creature, a telephone with six legs on port and an eye of sunrise from the sea.

III. Who are some of your most inspirational artists in India and abroad? I know that you have various inspirations, but if you can share a few would be great.

In this digital age, there is an inspiring artist or artwork seen on a daily basis. There are too many to be mention but here are some of my inspirational artists - Lucian Stanculescu, Clog two, Mc bees, Alex Yanes, Jeremy Fish, Fernando Chamarelli.

IV. If you could work with the Indian government for an art project that you get to suggest and lead, what would that be?

Graffiti for the BMC to keep the city clean. Less spit, more art (laughs)

V. What are your future plans ? Any projects you would like to kick off or possibly work for a big art house?

I’ve jotted down many projects which are in my to do list, but I’m currently working on a new range of products for ‘Madtrip’ .

VI. Could you share 3 of your best designs and elaborate on each one of them?

1.) Mumbai Bug - Being a part of the city, I feel like we are busy buzzing bugs all put together and always on the run. I created the Mumbai Bug to make people relate to the chaos in the city.

Mumbai Bug
Mumbai Bug

2.) Shembud Vibration- This is a poster I designed for fun. It’s the flow of shembud or snort during cold which gets you in a different state of vibration. I’ve tried to capture the whole interconnection of our system during a cold when your nose and eyes are leaking, due to which there is a heaviness in the head. 

Shembud Vibration
Shembud Vibration

3.) The Wala Series - I wanted to make some fun local characters for Madtrip during Kala Ghoda. Based on the day-to-day characters we come across. Except the tribal jungle wala.

Office Wala
Office Wala

Office Wala - This is part of the Wala Series. I wanted to make some fun local characters for Madtrip during Kala Ghoda. Based on the day-to-day characters we come across.

The Office wala is a corporate workaholic character, with files and a brief case in his hand accompanied with the office chair and computer on the side.

This series has six such characters like sutta wala, doodh wala, jungle wala, paise wala and cable wala with their respective accessories.

VII. Quick question round:

- One track your currently listening to?

Nitin Sawhney- Sunset

- An artwork you wished you did?

I have too many pending (laughs)

- An art project you wish you were a part of?

St. Art Delhi.

- Your favourite munchies?

Wada Pav with the right chutney.

- Paint or wacom bamboo?


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