The Regenerate Crew
The Regenerate Crew

#HGPlaylist 29: The Regenerate Crew Just Turned Up The Deep House

Taking a cue from our Friday staple of HG Playlists—featuring interesting personalities’ moment-specific soundtracks of choice—our community playlists come from a far more holistic space. Rather than purely focus on individuals, we thought it would be interesting to see what creative communities as a whole were listening to.

So whether it’s music labels, advertising agencies, small startups or something else entirely, we’re coming to pick their musical brain and get every person who makes up their world to give us one track they’re listening to right now.

Last time, we featured all the mavericks over at Unmute Agency. For this 2nd edition, we have none other than the Regenerate crew who have been standing firmly rooted in their mission to push the deep house sound in and around the country, regardless of whether or not there are any takers.

Let’s not make any bones about it, there have been scores of similar crews, planting their flags over various genre territories but when they have something real to show for it, then we’re willing to take the bait.

But first, a little context.

Catalyzed by a conversation between two friends at a bar, Aneesha Kotwani & Bhishma claim there was ‘no looking back’ post their decision to introduce fellow dancefloor loyals to the beautiful world of deep house, and their own personal curation of music.

They started it off slowly, strategically, as a Mumbai-based music property that aimed at pushing ‘deeper, unconventional, underground’ sound by bringing down niche international talent (from the finest labels including ‘get physical’ and ‘Hot Creations’) and scouting potential local talent to become a part of their ‘movement.’

Post a gargantuan debut at Sitara Studio, featuring Mulletover Head Honcho Geddes, followed by a 3-month-long residency with The White Owl, the team decided to take things up a notch. November 8 marked their first ever deep house open air at The Bombay Residency Radio Club Pier which just happened to co-incide with their 1 year anniversary and they did an exceptional job at executing that event.

So in case you’re trying to remember that big day, or get a sense of their aural tastes, look no further than this playlist. Consider it your personal introduction to the purveyors of the Deep House sound in this city.

I. Aneesha Kotwani|| Booka Shade – Regenerate (Original Mix)

“Being a massive Booka Shade fan, I stumbled upon an interview back in the day where the German Duo stated that the reason behind their album name (MORE!) was because they decided they need more club beats, more emotion, more melodies and more strength and hence named the album over this desire for more, more, more.  And boy did they get it spot on! The first time I heard Regenerate, I wanted more and more of it being one of my top tunes on repeat for the longest time! When it was time to name our baby, I only thought of the vision I had – more club beats, more emotion, more melodies and more strength and boom! Regenerate was born.”

II. Nicky Ramnani (Orbs & Zen) || Mount Kimbie – Made to Stray (DJ Koze Remix)

“Get Physical artist, Nils Hoffmann dropping this beauty of track at The White Owl left a lasting impression on my mind for sure! And as much as it is a Mount Kimbie tune, DJ Koze definitely got it right with this remix turning it into a hypnotic house jam with the underlying percussions. And those vocals coming in post 5 minutes into the tune give you the Goosebumps! Absolute gold!”

III. Ajay Makhija (Orbs & Zen) || Gregory Porter – 1960 what? (Opolopo Kick Bass Rerub) Mixlive Edit

“This one ain’t a house track, but man does it get the groove on. This is right down the Orbs & Zen Street - jazzy rhythms, vocals and makes us mooooooove! It sounds like where deep (soul) house came from – and that’s what Regenerate and Orbs&Zen share in common – music for the soul & the sole.

IV. Ajay Makhija (Orbs & Zen) || Clean Bandits – Dust Clears

“Again, not really house but it’s got all the elements right there! Love how electronic music has been adapted by these amazing artists. Apart from one of the sickest videos we’ve ever seen – it’s very open air in life, I totally pictured dropping this By The Pier.”

V. Lynston D’Souza || Igor The Koi & Kiatone - Bittersweet Sorrow (David Jach & Beatamines Remix)

“This combination of David Jach & Beatamines have made a host of sweet tunes! This one though has to be my favourite out of the lot though! Fun, beach-y deep-house, no complications. Easy on the ears and even easier to dance too! Plus the sound of the bell 0.43 seconds in takes me back to my favourite show Breaking Bad! Those who’ve watched it know what I’m talking about.”

VI. Lynston Dsouza || Hot Natured – Take you There

“Owners of the esteemed Hot Creations label, Jamie Jones & Lee Foss really tone it down (big time) when releasing under their combined project - Hot Natured. One of the very few tracks with vocals that I actually really dig!! And having our international headliner also a part of this label I was way beyond excited to see how it went down at the pier – smooth, open air vibes all the way.”

VII. Aneesha Kotwani || Daniel Steinberg – Chintonic

”Met this absolutely amazing man when he was touring India with us and I vividly remember the look of shock on my face when he dropped a tech house remix of the infamous Bollywood tune Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu! All I remember was the crowd was going absolutely bonkers! Definitely a memory to cherish forever, the look on people’s faces was priceless. This is the power of music – Job well done Mr. Steinberg!”

VIII. Achal Khanolkar  (Twokid Wickid) || Doomwork – Mediterraneo (Original Remix)

“Twokid Wickid made their debut in Mumbai with By The Pier and we were way too excited! This one for me is the track that I was most looking forward to play, and it’s fittingly called Mediterraneo by the evergreen doom work. A solid, fat groove, with rising melodies and a seductive pad, this is definitely up our alley. For me personally playing on the pier symbolized freedom and togetherness. Everybody was there as a large community and as one.”

IX. Prithvi Varadajaran (Twokid Wickid) || Cobblestone Jazz – Sun Child

“One word - CLASSIC . Released “way” back in 2010, I say way back ‘cause these days tracks don’t stay relevant for a week. So for me this track is all about those jazz chords and those acid stabs all the way through along with a very minimalistic groove -creating a surreal moment on the dance floor and with everybody grooving by the pier at Sunset, letting go and immersing themselves into a deep vibe - Regen style.”

X. Bhishma Sagar|| Luna City Express – Mr. Jack

”Dedicating this tune to our new homie who came all the way from Berlin and undoubtedly knonwing that he was going to absolutely nail it at the Pier. I’ve just got two words – Ya dig?”

XI. Kaleekarma || Ane Brun – To let myself go (Tale of us remix)

“Having recently joined the crew, this tune stands out for me when I think of Regenerate. Beautiful vocals and the drop, which has so much drive, captures your soul and takes you to another world! I totally pictured listening to this against the most picturesque view of the city.”

XII. Aneesha  Kotwani || Oliver Schories – The Sunset (Joris Delacroix Remix)

“One reason only – THAT DROP! P.S – wait for it, the tune teases you to a whole other level, best climax ever (pun intended) Ah, and who doesn’t love sunsets?”

XIII. Bhishma  Sagar || David August Until We Shine feat. Yvy Original Mix

“The perfect way to end our playlist selection and a motto we would always like to stick by - Regenerating until and after we shine! Bringing together people who feel for music the way we do and introducing every new person to what we stand for as a team. Beyond everything else, it is our love for music!”