Homegrown Origami Artists Are Using The Artform To Scale New Heights

OrigamiHimanshu Agrawal, Ankon Mitra

The art of origami extends way beyond the childhood game of fortune teller we're all aware of. A globalised craft of Japanese origin, origami is transforming a flat square sheet of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques. This artform excites other modalities of learning as well like geometry, fraction and problem solving which is why students in Japan are encouraged to participate in it; other than that, it's simply fun!

Here are some homegrown artists that have taken a liking to the artform and are creating their own sculptures from geometric designs to giant dragons.

Red Room, The Sights and Sounds of the Cosmos
Red Room, The Sights and Sounds of the CosmosAnkon Mitra

Ankon Mitra

Ankon is an architect by profession and an internationally reputed artist. He is known for making connection across disciplines with his 'oritectures' (origami + architecture) To him, the ancient art of origami, rather than being a child’s craft, is a cutting edge tool that is being deployed by robotic engineers, space scientists, botanists and architects to create solutions for the real world in the 21st century.

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Aditi Anuj

Aditi is the founder of Adigami, an origami brand that aims to take the simplicity of folding a single sheet of paper to unexplored dimensions by collaborating – in a quest to produce unique artworks. Aditi’s work mainly focuses on scale and compositions, in different mediums like leather, polypropylene, textile and paper. From miniature folding to large scale sculptures, her objective is to bring character as well as a visual focal points to the space, be it in the form of a lamp, an artwork, or an installation.

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Origami Swan, Origami Eindhoven Chickadee
Origami Swan, Origami Eindhoven ChickadeeHimanshu Agrawal

Himanshu Agrawal

Himanshu has been practicing origami since 1989 and has set five world records for large origami installations. His studio, 'Orukami' is a homage to the ancient art of paper folding. Himanshu's work reflects mastery with origami; beautifully interpreting the origami creations of different designers as well as creating his own origami pieces. From folding palm-size models of colourful birds to a 105-ft dinosaur, he describes his origami journey as being full of joy.

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May Mask Origami series designed by Fynn Jackson
May Mask Origami series designed by Fynn JacksonNikhil S

Nikhil S

Nikhil has been an origami enthusiast for over 14 years. He conducted more than 75 workshops, seminars, talks on origami and its applications in various fields of study and also released a book called Stellar Origami Nakshatras Volume-1. Apart from that Nikhil folded series of 'mask' origami works designed by the Swedish artist Fynn Jackson on his Instagram.

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