In Loving Memory Of Arnab Goswami's Reign, A Trap Remix Of His Finest TV Moment

In Loving Memory Of Arnab Goswami's Reign, A Trap Remix Of His Finest TV Moment

There are so many things to say about a man like Arnab Goswami, however over the long span of his illustrious career there is very little that hasn’t already been said. So we’ll keep it brief and take you on a journey through his iconic career as editor and front man of Times Now.

A pioneer of the monotone, a medium-sized man among giants always ready with a witty comeback or a not-so-witty accusation, his ‘journalistic’ style was one that will be remembered. His fondness and uncanny ability for driving a point home through the use of repetition and persistence is one that no other news anchor has or will ever attempt to duplicate.

His list of accomplishments also extends to artistic muse so we talked to musician Raka Ashok about his notorious Arnab inspired trap track. ‘I’ve always found Arnab hilarious’ he says, ‘the way he conducts his debates on the News Hour; no one has ever had the final word but him.

The idea to remix Arnab Goswami never really crossed my mind, until a friend sent over a video of BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi accusing Arnab of taking “monies for from the lobby for his channel”, and the reaction that followed was priceless. Probably the first time I saw Arnab this pissed.

I couldn’t help but make a track out of it.’ Without any further ado, we present to you the man himself taking on the mantle of trap King in this matchless tribute to one of his finest moments. 

Produced with love by Raka Ashok  circa 2013. 

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