Indian-American Artist ZZ’s New Music Video Recreates Pop Music's 00s-Era Glory Days


Channelling the pop music aesthetics from the 90s and 2000s, Indian-American rapper ZZ releases the music video for his latest single, Bliss. In this visual journey, ZZ not only showcases his musical prowess but also demonstrates his directorial skills, offering a vibrant and nostalgic experience that transports viewers back to the golden age of pop music videos. Hailing from New Delhi and now making waves in Los Angeles, ZZ's unique style and commitment to his Indian heritage make him a rising star to watch in the music industry.

In the music video, ZZ combines the essence of carefree karaoke visuals with the Mcbling trends of the Y2K. This blend of styles transports viewers back to an era when music videos were celebrated for their creativity and visual extravagance. The video begins with a playful karaoke scene that captures the spirit of fun and spontaneity, reminiscent of the 2000s that often featured karaoke bars as settings.

The video progresses into a dynamic dance sequence by New Delhi-based dancer Shaiyla Taneja, paying homage to the energetic dance sequences that defined 90s and 2000s pop music videos. This infectious performance resonates with viewers, adding nostalgic depth. ZZ's choice of visuals recalls a time when music videos were integral to the industry, capturing global audiences' hearts and imagination. The incorporation of retro elements not only pays tribute to the era but also creates a familiar and warm atmosphere.

Furthermore, ZZ's inclusion of the 'Made in India' title card in his videos proudly underscores his roots, representing his country on the global stage. Bliss not only creates a memorable musical moment but also transports us to the golden age of pop music videos, blending nostalgia, creativity, and talent. With his debut dance-pop album on the horizon, ZZ emerges as a rising star to watch.

Watch the music video below and follow ZZ here.

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