Indian Men Talk About Their Biggest Insecurities

Share your story of battling against insecurities here.

Back in 2018, The New York Times had announced that boys are broken. The writer, also a man, said, “We don’t know how to be, and we’re terrified.” As we navigate debates and conversations about gender and masculinity, one wonders if we will ever be able to create a systemic change to educate and rehabilitate people. We need to ask ourselves if we want our people, particularly men and children, to move from fear to fear, from confusion to unjustified aggression just because they are never taught that it is but alright to be scared or insecure and that there are healthier ways to voice it out.

Time and again, we, as a society, are left wondering about the true meaning of being a man in this world. As we ask all audience members who identify as male to take this as a safe space to voice out their insecurities, we hope that we find meaning in kindness, love, and acceptance.

Homegrown would like to invite everyone who identifies as a man to think about their biggest insecurities with us.

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