Long Distances' Debut EP Is An Anti-Escapist Blend Of Post-Punk, New Wave, & Dream Pop

How the Mighty Will Fall
How the Mighty Will FallLong Distances

Post-punk materialized as a genre marked by a departure from punk's conventional elements, embracing a more expansive and experimental musical approach. The late 1970s and early 1980s witnessed a musical landscape in the US and UK characterized by eclecticism and experimentation. Retroactively dubbed 'post-punk', this genre defied easy categorization, encompassing electro-pop melodies, distorted guitars, avant-garde industrial sounds, and even reggae beats. Concurrently, new wave, an expansive subgenre of rock 'n' roll, blended elements of punk, pop, art rock, synth-pop, funk, and reggae. Its influence endured across decades. Meanwhile, dream pop, a subgenre of alternative rock, prioritized atmosphere and sonic texture, featuring breathy vocals, dense productions, and effects like reverb, echo, tremolo, and chorus.

At the intersection of these genres lies the sound of Indian indie rock act Long Distances. Comprised of Aarifah Rebello, Zubin Pastakia, and Apurv Agrawal, the band is known for a blend of grunge and dreamy music that encapsulates the uncertainties of contemporary existence, exploring themes of love, loss, lament, and the yearning for liberation. Their much-awaited debut EP, 'How the Mighty Will Fall', is a 4-track sonic and emotional landscape. Rather than becoming an escapist retreat, the EP actively engages with the world we live in by touching on themes such as loss, longing, disappointment, grief, acceptanceand resistance. The EP also features prominent figures from the Indian music scene, including Jai Row Kavi, Maalavika Manoj, George Joseph, Krishna Jhaveri, & Sanaya Ardeshir with Chinmay Patkar handling the cover art and visualisers.

Diving into the EP, each track unfurls a distinct musical odyssey, a kaleidoscope of genres intricately woven together. Long Distances adeptly wields a sonic palette that includes catchy leads, gritty rhythms, succulent synths, a pulsating bass, and drum beats that echo the heartbeat of their musical prowess. The ethereal vocals, akin to a mellifluous instrument, seamlessly intertwine with the instrumental ensemble, creating a distinct musical identity.

'How the Mighty Will Fall' is not just an EP; it's a transcendental experience, a testament to Long Distances' prowess in crafting a musical landscape that echoes the past while embracing the future. It's a harmonious convergence of emotional depth and technical brilliance, making it a magnum opus within the indie rock realm.

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