Kerala, Witness An Explosion Of Color & Creativity At This Homegrown Graffiti Festival

Kerala, Witness An Explosion Of Color & Creativity At This Homegrown Graffiti Festival

The southern Indian state of Kerala is a beautiful coastal place famous for its unique culture, palm-lined beaches, and backwaters. For decades, several talented artists have emerged from the state. To commemorate and promote the works of talented Keralite artists the Kerala Lalithakala Academy for Fine Arts was established in 1962 and is based in Thrissur in Kerala. The academy promotes the art and artistic heritage of Kerala and although the State Government funds it, it functions as an autonomous institution.

The Kerala Lalithakala Academy for Fine Arts organizes several events throughout the year such as exhibitions by contemporary artists, art projects, art residencies, and discussions around art and culture. This year it has brought art to the streets with its street art festival, Theruvara, organized in collaboration with the International Theatre Festival of Kerala (ITFOK). Theruvara is an international festival of graffiti art curated by renowned artist Anpu Varkey.

Anpu Varkey is a New Delhi-based painter and street artist who studied the arts in completed her studies in Baroda, India, and London. It was while she was living in Bremen, Germany, that she had her first experience with street art and since then, started actively stenciling on the streets. She has been working out of New Delhi since 2011 and has been honing her craft by doing large murals, while also participating in and co-organizing street art festivals. Varkey’s murals often take over “morbid spaces” and she re-transforms them with surrealist and vibrant forms. With her spearheading Theruvara this year, it will be a wonderful explosion of color and ideas in the streets.

The Theruvara Street Art Festival started yesterday and will continue till the 31st of January,2023. Catch the artists at work as they take over the streets with striking and unique graffitis.

You can find out more about Kerala Lalithakala Academy here.