KOYTOY Creates A Variety Of Jewellery And Body-Wear Challenging Masculine Stereotypes

KOYTOY Creates A Variety Of Jewellery And Body-Wear Challenging Masculine Stereotypes

“Self-expression through personal style is therapy. Adorning exquisite clothes and jewellery, tracing our ancestral logs of the eloquent styles of Maharajas and Ranis. This is the KOYTOY way of life,” says the leading ideator of KOYTOY, Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar, who is an architect and interior designer by profession.

KOYTOY is a curated collection of jewellery and bodywear, and a smaller subsidiary of the Koy Store, a one-of-its-kind store that celebrates queerness and challenges notions of masculinity. According to KOYTOY’s website, their products are “of a unique mixed heritage-traditional Indian roots and contemporary design sensibilities - are unmistakably modern yet always approachable.” The KOYTOY collection is inspired by the dream of a more inclusive world. The LGBTQIA+ community was a huge force for the creators of KOYTOY. Their first collection is for those who are unperturbed by expectations of gender and sexuality.

The inaugural collection of KOYTOY features a line of jewellery as well as sensual bodywear. They include semi-precious stone pendants and logo weaved sporty body harnesses. KOYTOY celebrates sexual expression with functional bodywear. The harnesses are made with a durable custom elastic in a functional X design that comes in universal sizing and is easy to wear. The sport harnesses are the perfect choice to transform a plain look into a fabulous outfit. Their Cosmos Ling Pendants are modern heirlooms with a vintage aesthetic combined with a sterling 925 silver chain in a minimalistic design. The Ling is also a powerful talisman that symbolises male energy, a representation of Lord Shiva, it is revered as an emblem of generative power.

KOYTOY’s future designs, including a fashion line, is going to showcase complex indigenous textiles, intricate prints and luxury living. The goal for KOYTOY, ultimately, is to further normalise sexuality, which is still a taboo in our country and promote sexual positivity.

You can view their promotional video below:

You can view and buy KOYTOY’s products here and follow them on Instagram here.

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