Meet The Human Doll Intersecting Indian Fashion & Performance Art

Meet The Human Doll Intersecting Indian Fashion & Performance Art

Performance is all about creating a space for imagination, where the spectator gets to witness a larger-than-life experience. It is where dreams and inspirations come to play, that separates the moment of viewing art from the monotony of everyday life. This is where the use of eccentric characters plays an important part in the medium of visual storytelling.

A 27-year-old Sanskriti Sharma is an image maker who sports a life-sized doll head to create a fantastical world of her own. The imaginary character named ‘Pano’ is an ode to her inner child who chooses to break away from the lack of variation in human life as well as introduces a playful spirit to the Indian fashion industry.

Pano channels escapism by carving out a separate zone to experiment with an idiosyncratic personality. Both the person behind the mask as well as the audience craves to live vicariously through her presence. For Sanskriti, it is a means to embody childhood fantasy and create a blueprint for herself in the space of creative arts.

The metamorphosis provides a distinctive ‘edge’ to the images of the fashion brands, who otherwise remain stuck in a singular visual language. A storyteller at heart, Pano narrates different tales through their unique compositions, colour palettes and locations. Transforming a physical space into a canvas where she can execute her characterful visions.

Her interesting perspectives are also inspired by puppet shows, a special memory from her childhood. Pano was born out of a deep fascination for the craft, where people visualised stories through the medium of characters. She is guided by memories and a drive to create a language of her own.

Pano is changing the face of Indian fashion with her storytelling embellished with metaphors and imagination. Each image attracts our attention to her presence and helps us view the products in an unusual yet excitable light. Gifted with the skill to translate stories into visuals, she is slowly transforming the industry into a creative space of exploration.

View Pano’s work here.

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