Millenial Wordplay: Forget Tinder, Try Masturdating, Bedgasms & Nonversations Instead

The clickbait game seems to be a race to the bottom on most days, but when you come across a series of posts that strikes a chord and really makes you laugh - more importantly, you know you're not going to forget it in the next seven minutes - that's when you know you've got a winner. We came across these posts that hinge on wordplay and matter-of-fact explanations to make for hilarious new terms that resonated with a lot of us. Ranging from the generic 'bedgasm' to the less common 'epiphanot' and pondering the down-side of a 'nonversation', these are guaranteed to keep you scrolling. These posts have been uploaded onto Facebook by a certain Andrew Yashenko, and we definitely think that if 'twerk', 'vape' and 'bae' can make it to the dictionary - these words should be able to, too.

Scroll on to check them out: