Muhammed Thameem's Comedy Shorts Bring A Wes Anderson-Esque Aesthetic To South India

Despite the brevity of his films, all under 60 seconds, Muhammed Thameem's keen eye for detail shines through.
Despite the brevity of his films, all under 60 seconds, Muhammed Thameem's keen eye for detail shines through.Muhammed Thameem

Muhammed Thameem, an aspiring filmmaker hailing from Kerala, India, is forging his path in the world of cinema, not through the hallowed halls of film school, but through the vast library of knowledge available on YouTube. His journey on his YouTube and Instagram offers a glimpse into the self-taught creator's unique approach to filmmaking, characterised by humour, South Indian influences, and a Wes Anderson-esque aesthetic.

"I wanted to make my vision come to life, so I started learning to write. First, I would write a detailed script of the thread I have in my mind, and then I would storyboard them with comical drawings in my notebook."
Muhammed Thameem

Thameem's passion for filmmaking blossomed during the COVID-19 lockdown, fueled by a gifted iPhone and a burning desire to bring his creative visions to life. With unwavering dedication, he embarked on a self-directed learning journey, devouring YouTube tutorials and honing his skills in scriptwriting, storyboarding, and directing. Moreover, Thameem loves to take the help and work with his friends Jabir, Jasil, and Zishan. They all join hands to make movies together. They turn regular places into movie sets, bringing creative ideas to life with lots of energy and excitement.

His filmography, though brief, showcases an impressive range and experimentation within the short film format. 'The Newspaper', a humorous tale of mistaken value, unfolds through quick cuts and dynamic camerawork, shot on Sony FX3. This short film showcases Thameem's penchant for experimentation and his keen eye for visual storytelling. It also incorporates South Indian references with one of the two leads wearing a lungi (south indian attire).

"One of my biggest inspirations is Wes Anderson and his movies. I'm obsessed with his style of filmmaking and visual storytelling. I once saw his creation ,'The Darjeeling Limited', which inspired me to make something out of Wes Anderson's world."
Muhammed Thameem

A film inspired by Wes Anderson: South Indian Version pays homage to the iconic director while infusing a distinctive South Indian flavour into a playful football match between young and older boys. Set against the backdrop of a spirited football match between two groups of boys from different age groups, the film artfully captures the essence of childhood camaraderie and rivalry with Anderson's trademark quirkiness, resulting in a viewing experience that is as heartwarming as it is visually stunning.

The humorously titled 'The subtle ART of RUNNING' explores the journey of an overweight individual seeking revenge and showcasing Thameem's ability to tell a story without relying on dialogue and solely on emotions portrayed on screen.

Despite the brevity of his films, all under 60 seconds, Thameem's keen eye for detail shines through. His ability to seamlessly weave South Indian cultural elements into his narratives, from costumes to settings, offers a refreshing and authentic cinematic experience. The result is a mesmerizing fusion of whimsy, humor, and light storytelling that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression.

"I have written some more scripts which I'm planning to shoot in the coming days. I just love the art of filmmaking, and my goal is to be a well-known movie director, which I hope to be one day. I'm still learning, and I will keep on learning about new techniques and new styles."
Muhammed Thameem

What truly sets Thameem apart is his commitment to learning and evolving. He openly identifies Wes Anderson as a major inspiration, but his work demonstrates a willingness to experiment and carve his own unique path. His upcoming projects, fueled by a steady stream of new scripts, promise further exploration of his creative identity.

By defying the traditional route of film school and embracing the vast resources available online, he has embarked on a journey that is both personal and culturally enriching. As he continues to learn, experiment, and share his work with the world, Muhammed Thameem's name is one to keep an eye on in the evolving landscape of Indian cinema.

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