Mumbai, Attend A Scrap Fabric Upcycling Workshop Hosted By Homegrown Brand Sazo

Scrap it up with Sazo
Scrap it up with SazoSazo

Conceptualized during the pandemic, Sazo is the brainchild of two friends Saoni Daini and Priya Suvarna. Fueled by Saoni's abstract, vivid vision and Priya's knack for creating balanced visuals that stand out, Sazo's designs are bold, bizarre, eccentric and quirky. The Mumbai-based maximalist brand celebrates wild colours and patterns and operates on a 'know no rules' policy.

This month they are back with their 4th edition of an upcycling workshop — 'Scrap it up with Sazo'. The creative designing workshop is an opportunity for people to learn how to create one-of-a-kind outfits from a variety of materials like scrap fabrics, print panels and new fabric with the guidance of Sazo's team. The workshop is divided into 3 days — May 26, 27 and 28. The team will work with one batch of 5 people every day. Every participant will get to pick from a bundle of scrap fabrics and print panels and learn to cut and design their own tote bags, shirts, trousers, jackets and whatever they can imagine.

Upcycling scrap fabric into new outfits allow us to reduce waste and create unique and sustainable clothing with a touch of our own personality to it. 'Scrap it up with Sazo' is a recurring workshop that will give you skills like conceptualizing a design and techniques such as patchwork, appliqué, and embroidery to get creative and experiment with fabric. As our clothes become just an extension of our identities more and more, DIY'ing our own style through repurposing materials is yet another medium of expression.

To apply for the workshop DM Sazo here.

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