OAFF’s New Single Is A Mesmerising Juxtaposition Of Indian Classical Art & Electronic Music

OAFF’s New Single Is A Mesmerising Juxtaposition Of Indian Classical Art & Electronic Music

Kabeer Kathpalia, better known for his stage name, OAFF music has made a remarkable comeback with his latest single, Grip. The track features OAFF’s signature style of production which is cutting edge and meditative all at once.

What accentuates the listening experience of this electronic track are its mesmerising visuals that uses classical Indian paintings as its base. What follows is an almost dream-like sequence of over 5000 classical Indian paintings juxtaposed to create a magical animated sequence.

The track that went live on the 15th of October is a timeless creation that questions and in a way, celebrates the impermanence of life.

“As a child I was fascinated by mythology. I remember loving Amar Chitra Katha, which was my introduction to Indian myths and stories. The idea of using classical Indian imagery in this music video resonated with me on many levels.”

Kabeer Kathpalia (OAFF music)

One can easily get carried away in the reverie that this track offers. Grip is a collaborative effort of producer OAFF, lyricist and vocalist Landslands (Sohrab Nicolson) and editor/animator, Thomas Rebour.

“I downloaded over 500 Indian paintings and artworks (from both the Smithonian and the MET’s public domain collection) and started organising and categorising them. This took about a week of focused attention. Once all the images were categorised, I was able to slowly assemble sequences together - frame by frame.”

Thomas Rebour, editor & animator of Grip

Having garnered national and international accolades for his unique production style and mindful music production, OAFF’s latest experiments with Grip sets an interesting benchmark for the style and future of electronic sounds for the country.

OAFF who has released sombre tracks such as ‘So good’ and ‘Heavy Headed’ in the past is making very powerful breakthrough with ‘Grip’.

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