Producer Sidharth Ezhilan Used His 'BLEEDER TAPES' EP To Heal From Personal Trauma

The BLEEDER TAPES EPSidharth Ezhilan

Sidharth Ezhilan is an Indian producer whose proficiency with his craft has allowed him to stand apart form his contemporaries. While the word 'modesty' isn't necessarily part of his vocabulary, we're not sure he'd have it any other way. We caught up with the artist for a quick chat about his EP the 'BLEEDER TAPES' and his creative influences as a whole.

Tell us a little about this project.

The album’s themes range from surviving a character assassination, to recollections of childhood memories, newfound wealth, and inspiration, resulting in what I hope to be a visceral and emotionally charged listening experience.

Describe your creative process and the purpose with which you create.

I'm a creator. I create. My environment gives me input. I process it and let it out through one medium or another.

What are some of your biggest inspirations and influences over the course of your artistic career so far?

People who are multi-talented in general and are not afraid to try a lot of new things and push boundaries.

What are some things you learned while putting this project together?

I realized that I can write meaningful bars only when I have traumatic experiences. When it comes to rap projects such as this one, it's much more of a therapeutic outlet and a part of my healing process. It is born out of an overwhelming urge to get things off my chest. Ever since I dropped this album my mind has just been peaceful and empty. We constantly consume lies on a daily basis thru social media and I feel that it is my personal responsibility to keep a true account of what happens in my personal life.

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