Gig Reviews: Flux Pavilion At Mumbai & Delhi's #Escalate2


Mumbai Review: Flux Pavillion, Dj Sa & Sound Avtar at The Juhu Hotel To be fair, it would have been impossible to replicate the magic of Oji's Skream & Benga tour last year but right off the bat, i'll admit that it was difficult not to arrive with lofty expectations despite the odds. The major odds being i'm not an ardent Flux Pavilion fan and I know that moments like that tour are born out of absolute purity--it simply cannot be coerced or planned. Still, it was easy to keep the anticipation up given the fact that this was an OJI event and having worked with Mehra before, his reputation is untarnished, quite an anomaly for the event space. I ended up walking away a tad disappointed but judging by the crowd reaction, it might have been me who was the anomaly here. Either way, some context first.

Right Click.  Clearly, the next, shiny object is just as distracting in adulthood. 
Delhi Review: Flux Pavilion , Nucleya & The Grind at LAP
Flux Pavillion at Lap
Mumbai Review by: Mandovi Menon
Delhi Review by: Ashish Jose
Pictures by : Roycin D'souza & Nishanth Matta

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