Sanjay Tomar's 'Neev' Is A Visual Tribute To The Roots Of Nostalgia & Kinship

'Neev' is a testament to the beauty of ordinary moments and their profound impact on our subconscious.
'Neev' is a testament to the beauty of ordinary moments and their profound impact on our subconscious.Akupara and Sanjay Tomar

In a world where trends come and go in the blink of an eye, there's something profoundly grounding about reconnecting with our roots. The tug of nostalgia is a powerful thing, and like a siren's song, it calls to us, beckoning us to revisit the cherished moments and memories that shaped our lives. In Akupara's recent collection, 'नींव' (Neev), the brand takes us on a captivating journey through nostalgia, inviting us to reminisce about the simple yet profound experiences of childhood and home.

The accompanying photo series, captured by Sanjay Tomar, encapsulates the essence of early life's innocence and the bonds we share with our siblings and mentors. The series is a testament to the beauty of ordinary moments and their impact on our subconscious. Through Sanjay's lens, in collaboration with Akupara's creative director Palak Singh, they delve into the fragrance of nostalgia and remind us of the days when life revolved around celebrating little joys found in the simplicity of everyday experiences that magically transformed a mere house into a home. With his storytelling skills, Sanjay's dreamlike visuals for 'Neev' encapsulate this deeply personal exploration. One of the most remarkable aspects of this project is its medium – entirely shot on film. This choice brings a unique texture and depth to the visuals, evoking a sense of timelessness that resonates deeply with the collection's theme

"We just don't know how much early childhood is imprinted on our subconscious. It dictates a lot of our inner world in ways we just don't understand."

Sanjay Tomar

'Neev,' which translates to 'foundation' in Hindi, ambitiously attempts to rekindle those profoundly impactful yet ineffable parts of our origins. The collection itself draws inspiration from the designer's hometown, a small village called Ballia in Uttar Pradesh. The collection and the visual diary created for 'Neev' honour the memories and experiences that shaped the designer's perspective. The visuals are reminiscent of the village's brick and eggshell houses. Bold lines and contrasting elements come into play, with negative space cleverly utilized to depict the essence of the brick structures.

Akupara's philosophy revolves around creating a sense of comfort and warmth. Their products are handcrafted using traditional techniques, celebrating the beauty of subtle imperfections. The colour palette of Koyala, Eenta and Raakh reflects the tones of the village in the collection 'Neev'. Handmade block prints, Kantha embroidery, and an "ordinary gaze on colour and broken lines" infuse the cotton pieces with warmth and character. As the brand describes, the collection is 'almost indifferent, devoid of pretense, raw in nature, sated' - much like the nostalgic memories it embodies.

Through Sanjay Tomar's lens and Akupara's vision, we are invited to rediscover the beauty in simplicity, cherish the memories that shape us, and celebrate the timeless allure of tradition and nostalgia. As we immerse ourselves in the warmth of 'Neev,' we are reminded that no matter where life takes us, our roots will forever anchor us to what truly matters.

Take a look at Akupara here, and check out Sanjay Tomar's work here.

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