Siddhartha Kararwal Uses Everyday Objects To Create Subversive Socio-Political Commentary

Siddhartha Kararwal
Siddhartha KararwalSiddhartha Kararwal

Merging socio-political commentary with pop cultural imagery, Siddharth Kararwal is a conceptual artist and sculptor who deconstructs layers of culture to construct narratives refreshed in a surreal perspective. Exploring the existential dualities of a hyper consumptive society, the artist interprets reality through the 'super real'.

Looney Tunes - Siddharth Kararwal
Looney Tunes - Siddharth KararwalSakshi Gallery

"As a practicing artist I believe that I have to respond and react to the world around me. Respond in a way that follows the syntax of my own internal language. A syntax that holds some degree of coherence to the naked eye of the observer. It is the efficiency of this communication that drives me to create the works that I do", reads Siddharth's Behance bio.

Export Surplus - Siddharth Kararwal
Export Surplus - Siddharth KararwalSiddharth Kararwal

The Jaipur-based artist uses a variety of materials like recycled fabric, soft toys, fibre glass, wood, garbage bags, electronics, brass to build whimsical, provocative sculptures. He also paints phantasmagorical worlds on paper with maniacal creatures that depict the absurdity of the time and space we live in, often addressing the issues that weave the political fabric of our country.

Whackass! - 9 - Siddharth Kararwal
Whackass! - 9 - Siddharth KararwalLatitude 28

Siddhartha transforms everyday stories and mundane objects into subversive narratives that challenge the viewer to think. His satirical artworks respond to our collective reality in a disruptive but reassuring language of that which cannot be understood but felt in some way. In his artistic expressions, ideas and form together attempt to reconstruct a reality where even an ordiary object has the dimensionality to simplify a notion and have a conversation with the viewer.

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