Skip Valentine's Day & Celebrate Platonic Love With 'Galentine's Day’

Skip Valentine's Day & Celebrate Platonic Love With 'Galentine's Day’

Whoever decided to make the Valentine mojo all about chasing romantic love or a far fetched fairy tale needs to let it go. Allow us to reintroduce you to the day of love in a new light. This year, we’re swapping Valentine’s for Galentine’s.

What Is Galentines’ Day?

Galentines’ to us is the most remarkable fake holiday on the calendar, a special day dedicated to cherishing all the platonic love in your life, some old, some new but cherished nonetheless.

Whether you’re stuck in a situationship or dealing with the aftermath of a bad breakup, there’s no one like your best pals keeping you company through it all.

Remember that friend rescuing you from an awful bumble date or the friend getting you through a 2 AM breakdown, and let’s not forget the ones you whine to about anything and everything. Or most of all, the ones showing up at your doorstep with a tub of ice cream to get through heartbreaks.

Yes, your pals have been through it all and they deserve your undivided affection in an ‘official’ way.

When it comes to celebrating the spirit of Valentine’s Day, who says it’s only about romantic love?

Love to me is something that transcends the binary realms and holds your hand through the good and bad, with no judgement or inhibitions. And what embodies selflessness better than the intricate bonds of friendships.

While love comes and goes, friendships bring a potpourri of emotions love, laughter, and hopefully some unforgettable benders as well. This year, instead of oscillating between the ‘they love me, they love me not’ pendulum, take a moment to pay ode to you and your clique of ride or dies getting you through it all.

Who Started The Fad?

It all started when Leslie, an artsy character from Parks and Recreation invented a way to celebrate something valuable that hasn’t been officially celebrated before — the joys of female friendship.

Leslie called the festival Galentine’s Day, a festival celebrated on February 13, the eve of Valentine’s Day. And on this special day, she decided to celebrate the platonic love that exists among her lady friends.

Despite its name, Valentine’s isn’t just for the girls. Our version of Galentines’ is all about uplifting the spirit of friendship and recognising the sweet joy of platonic love that surrounds you today and always. Regardless of your relationship status this year, giddy-up in the Galentine’s fervour as you indulge your friends in a planned picnic, a karaoke session or even an Instagram post showcasing your wholesome squad.

There’s no wrong way to celebrate the coolest pseudo-holiday of that year that is all about making the most important people in your life special. It’s cute, it’s corny, and it’s all about love!

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