'Stardust' Photo Series Presents An Empathetic Portrayal Of Nudity & Intimacy

'Stardust' Photo Series Presents An Empathetic Portrayal Of Nudity & Intimacy
Navya Peethambaran

"I am stardust, on a path of following the realms of time…"

Enamored with the art of image making, Navya Peethambaran, a fine art graduate is currently pursuing the role of creative director & producer at Pixemo Studios. Her recent project ‘Stardust Series 01’ is an exploration of human fragility and fortitude, it purviews the different paths offered on our journey to explore the many mysteries of this universe. 

Formed as a poetic narrative, it navigates the intimate realities of our physical being through the use of nudity as a subject. The emphasis on form is an invitation to be vulnerable and most importantly human. The imagery also tends to subvert voyeurism by framing the subject through aesthetic romanticism.

Navya tries to weave a tale of internal battles, one where our minds and hearts are in constant disagreement. It paints the reality of a soul that yearns to break away from the conflict and hope to become one with another being. A longing for an attachment that triumphs over the constructs of time. The creative communicates these emotions through poetry:

"Over time, I leave a space for you in my heart and the love grows because I’m moving now. I am seeing the world through your eyes and oh it is so beautiful. I can’t wait for the universe to unite us once again, until then I’m a Stardust on a path of following the realms of time…"
Navya Peethambaran
Navya Peethambaran

The enigmatic imagery employs shadows, lights and colour compositions as tools to seamlessly translate the ideas. Furthermore the art direction sets the scene for an ethereal play of fabrics and delicate articles that subtly communicate sensuality. Stardust is a series that seeks to dissect the many mysteries of love and intimacy through an empathetic gaze and in the process manages to emotionally move the audience as well. 

Content, Art & Creative Director   : navya_peethambaran

Photographer & Producer              : pix_nair

Image Retouching                           : pk_retoucher

Cinematographer & Editor            : vineethcpisharody

Grading & Text Animation             : shine.shaju.k

Model & Actor                                : joshuaokesalako

Music                                               : odettahartman

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